Monday, October 25, 2004

My Highlights from Homecoming Weekend in Abilene!

Going back to Abilene for my first chance to return for a Homecoming Weekend was GREAT! Here is a list of some of my highlights from the weekend:
  • Showing up for Chapel on Friday and seeing all my great GATA pals! And gettin' hugs from some folks that really surprised me! HA!
  • Singing around the fountain on Friday after chapel only to have several people honestly think I was the one that put the soap in the fountain that morning! HA! Plus, I got to stand by my buddy Becca on the fountain (even though she decided to take it upon herself to push me into the soap at the end!)
  • GATA lunch at Rick and Carolyns! I LOVE that place! They have the BEST greasy burgers! YUM! But beware of the chicken, because we all know what chicken can do to you! ;)
  • Going out to float to meet more of the cool flames! I have been SOO honored to meet so many of the Flames, they are great kids! And yes, I have some favorites! ;)
  • Getting to chill with Kendall and JWalk at Ellison's house on Friday night. Those ladies are fun folks and I don't get to chill with them that often.
  • Not being all that tired at GATA Breakfast. This actually surprised me! I had a great time and really enjoyed seeing everyone again!
  • Going to the Homecoming Parade! This was one of my FAVORITE things! I've never got to watch the parade, so I "ate this up"! I have never lost my voice so quickly in my life, but it was SOOOO worth it! GATAs float and Flames were GREAT (congrats on the second place win!), and then having two great ladies I admire as Queen Nominees was wonderful too! Then of course I was so honored to watch the parade in a huge group of my GATA friends! We had a BLAST watching it, especially with the air-horn!
  • Sitting in Homecoming Chapel and being Text Messaged on my phone SEVERAL times from GATAs sitting two rows behind me. And getting to watch Laura play Nazi GATA to the Flames! ;)
  • Going to the ACU football game was GREAT! I got to chill with some of my favorite GATAs once again and bond some more with some GREAT Flames! Not to mention getting to reunite with my old roommates from 825 Alive too! I might have got sunburnt from this event, but it was WELL worth it!
  • Getting to watch the World Series game at Buffalo Wild Wings with some of my favorite folks! There is nothing better than sittin' back, STUFFIN' your face (man, me and Slagle pigged out!), shootin' the breeze with good pals, and watching sports!
  • Randomly driving around with Slagle after Buffalo Wild Wings because we were SOOO hyper (I don't know why since we were going on like only a few hours of sleep). We drove by so many folks houses, but it looked like more folks were already in bed (yes, we probably drove by your house around midnight on Sat. night...HA!)
  • Sleeping SOOOOO hard Sat. night that I didn't hear Slagle's cell phone ring right next to me at 2:30 AM OR did I hear Ellison leave out the front door for that is some GOOD sleep!!!
  • Ordering pizza with Slagle for breakfast/lunch when we woke up and us each sitting in front of the tv with a medium pizza in our laps!
  • Going to Misty and Jenni's house and having hard-core chat time till almost Flag Football time!
  • Then finally ending my time in Abilene with some much-needed flag football practice! It was great to be back on the field, even if it was all muddy and I got burned by Flame Kelsey a good number of times!

I couldn't have asked for a better time in Abilene! I'm always so blessed by the friendships I have and couldn't ask for better people in my life!

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