Sunday, February 13, 2005

Just Curious... i was eating dinner last night and I was wondering. Does anyone know what type of gas they fill chip bags with? Seriously. Like my favorite chips, original Lays, come in a huge bag but of course it is filled halfway with "air" and you only get a half portion of the bags size worth of chips. So I was thinking, it can't just be "air" because if it was, why don't the chips go stale as they do if you just leave the bag sitting out open for only a matter of hours.

It obviously isn't helium they fill it with, but wouldn't that be AWESOME if they did fill chip bags with helium...go to the store and the chip alley would have all these floating bags you could reach up and pick from!

So what kind of "gas" is it? I'm thinking the next bag of chips I buy I want to take it and instead of opening it normally, taking like a pin and making a small pin-sized hole in it and sucking the "gas" out of it and inhaling it. Obviously if it were helium i'd start talking all squeeky (sp?)....HA! If it is pure oxygen maybe i'll breath easier! HA! Maybe it will be a poisoneous gas that will kill me. That would make for a cool tombstone... "Died from sucking chip gas." HA!

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