Sunday, February 13, 2005


Okay, do you want to know what is one of my most favorite fast food burgers (heck, for that matter it is probably better than most sit-down joints burgers that i've had). It is Jack in the Box's Jumbo Jack (minus the onions).

If you have never had one i HIGHLY recommend them! Let me tell you what makes them SOOO good:

--I love the "special sauce" (as I call it) with just the right mixture of ketchup and mayo on the bun....YUM! It gives the burger some "wetness" so it isn't a dry burger. I don't like dry burgers.

--Then there is the bun. They use like potato buns or something different than the typical fast food burger bun. This bun is yellowish in color and it has the sesame seeds on top.

--Then there is the actual burger patty! I think it is the fact that I swear they use reall beef that makes it SOOO good! The meat is juicy and has a GREAT taste to it. You eat it and you're thinking..."that's some good beef!" If you think about it, with the Jack in the Box E. coli breakout in 1993, you can't argue that it's not real meat. I mean really, do you recall any E. coli breakouts with, not real meat. HA! ;)

--Then of course there is the tomato slice and the leaf of lettuce that they throw on there. Those of course give the burger it's "this is kinda good for you" appeal for the consumer. We all know we want SOMETHING outta our burger to tell us it is worth eating! ;)

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