Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The State of the Union Address

Alright, I’ve never been into politics. I don’t really care about things like the State of the Union Address and while I did watch the entire Address this year, I wasn’t really into it nor did I care about the political issues he addressed (of course, I don’t really understand half the stuff they are talking about either…HA!)

The thing was, was when I noticed today that it was going to be on tonight, I had no intent to watch it, but it came on following American Idol (which I was of course watching) and since I was on the big screen, when I saw President Bush come out, I couldn’t help myself but to watch because he is just so cute (as always…HA!)

Now I want to share with you the things I noticed and remembered from the Address:

--First off, who the crap was the fellow who was sitting behind Bush to the right? The dude next to Cheney? I’m assuming the Speaker of the House (since isn’t he the third in Command behind the Vice President?). As to what the crap his name is…I have no clue (nor have I ever seen him before…HA!)

--I am led to believe that all that clapping HAS to hurt those folks hands after a while. I bet it is like when you are in one of those situations where you are forced to smile a whole lot and then once it is all over with, your face is all sore from all that smiling because you aren’t used to smiling so much.

--Man, with all the standing and applauding it makes me think of all the good ol’ high school pep rallys. Up and down….up and down….up and down…

--I love Bush’s cute little smile whenever he is pausing during rounds of applause. He seems so happy to see others happy!

--I enjoyed how the first round of applause where the democrats rose to their feet as well the cameras immediately showed Senator John Kerry who was standing and clapping as well. HA!

--I can’t help but wonder what the Democrats who aren’t standing are thinking during those times of applause when some of the other Democrats are standing and applauding. I bet they are thinking things like, “Are you kiddin’ me?!? Sit down!! Don’t agree with those Republicans! TRADERS!!!”

--Speaking of the Democrats standing and applauding. Who decides when they are “allowed” to stand up and applaud anyways?!? Do they have like a ring leader or something?!?! Or is it like the Sibling father with the GSP Siblings during pledging in chapel at ACU?!?

--I wonder if they have paramedics in the back, out-of-sight, who are ready with oxygen. I mean come on, those Congress folks are pretty old, and with all that up and down, up and down, up and down business, let’s face it, someone might faint. Right, Hillary?

--Question: why did the camera show Sen. John Warner when he was sitting there writing while President Bush was speaking? You know he was playing Tic Tac Toe and not taking notes!

--I am curious. Do they have seat-fillers like at the Oscars for if someone has to get up for a potty break during the speech?

--I don’t know about all y’all, but I was keeping myself pretty entertained by watching Vice President Dick Cheney move his cough drop around in his mouth. Didn’t you see him when he had a huge cough attack where his whole face turned bright red and then he had to pop something into his mouth?

--Okay, was it just me, or did anyone else see President Bush sign an autograph for some dude on the way out of the place after finishing his speech??!?! Who the heck asks the President for an autograph at a time like this?!!? I mean I suppose it ain’t like he is going to be like “No” when all those cameras and a LOT of America is watching him…HA!

--Wow, I also found it interesting that as soon as it was over the little commentator/voice-over man was like “…and the speech was 54 minutes which included 66 interruptions for applause.” Hmmm….maybe that was what Sen. Warner was tallying on his paper….hmmm…

Alright, so maybe I didn’t pick up on much from his speech. Okay, wait….there were two points I remember. I’ll call this segment the “RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT” part. These two quotes from his speech I think to myself…. “RIIIIIIIIIIGHT” when he says them. The quotes are:

“…teach young men to respect women.”

“…cut the national deficit in half by the year 2009.”

When both of these happen, y’all be sure to point that out to me! ;)

No, let honestly, I will have to say, there was one point in the Address that made my night. It was actually really touching (my eyes watered, I’ll be honest). And if you watched the Address, I’m sure you know what I’m going to refer too, but it was when the parents of the fallen Marine who died over in Iraq stood up for recognition. You felt their pain, but even more when President Bush told about the letter the mother had written to him about her fallen son, especially the line about how the son had told his mom he went off to war because it was his turn to defend her, as she had done for him for years before. And yes, seeing her holding his dog-tags made it even more touching.

So, as Mr. President said himself, “May God bless America.”

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