Saturday, February 26, 2005

Singing Competitions put to the Kimberly Review…

Okay, so quite possibly two of my favorite “singing” competitions have just recently been in full swing. One wound up last weekend (ACU’s Sing Song) and one is beginning it’s journey to a new winner (American Idol). So I feel as though it is my time to share my opinions (as I’m sure y’all LOVE since you apparently keep coming back to ready my stuff…we all know I tend to share my opinions a lot! HA!)

First, Sing Song 2005.

I have to be honest (gotta love that phrase…if you don’t know why I say that, read my previous post), I was not real impressed with Sing Song this year. I thought the Host and Hostesses weren’t bad, but the club and class acts weren’t all that impressive in my opinion. I don’t know, maybe sing song is just a lot more fun when you’re in it than watching…who knows.

I suppose first off I should mention that our seats were not very good (third to top row…and that was still “premium” seating for the Sat. night show…being $18 a pop!) Also, we were on the side of the coliseum, so that throws off the perspective for viewing the arrangements of movements of the group performances (i.e. when columns of people in the act combine…aka line up one behind another…for special movements, they don’t look any different from viewing them from the side). So some of the cool moves clubs and classes did didn’t look as cool from the side. And secondly, we were high enough up that the projection of the things on the curtain behind the acts was hidden behind the speakers and other things hanging from the ceiling.

As for the host and hostesses, I give my props to the male vocalists. Darren rocks! His performance of “Somewhere Only We Know” was SOOOO good. I’ve never heard that song before, but I so want to download it now…HA! And then there was the Blues Brother’s performance…ROCK ON! As for the ladies, too many slower songs I think. I wanted to be rockin’ in my seat. I did however love “Rock ‘n’ Roll Legends” melody that was each host and hostesses singing a short rendition of a classic song. That was GREAT!

So besides the many sound system problems, nose-bleed seats, “close-up” big screen problems (AKA..not being on for some of the women’s clubs performances), few performances involving the dance team, many slow songs, and the time for advertisements which coincided with the Jazz band performance, I DID have some moments that had me smiling and laughing out loud. I can name my favorite acts (AKA who I think deserved to win overall) from this year’s performances by answering one of America’s most asked “why” questions:

The CHICKEN crossed the STREET to play the PIANO. DUH! ;)

Now…American Idol 2005!

So far this year, I’m going to have to go with the male vocals. Out of the 12 men and 12 women who have made it to “America’s vote”…I like 7 of the guys and 4 or 5 of the girls. And to be completely honest, after watching the first week this past week, even those individuals I “like” didn’t perform all that impressively in my opinion. Granted, it was the first week so I’m sure nerves might have gotten the best of them, but I will be looking for improvements this next week.

Let’s see…

[Go to for pictures of the contestants I’m talking about]

For the ladies…

Aloha…she is from St. Louis, so I must give her props for that one. But she is growing on me. She performed pretty well this first week, so I think I could grow to like her.

Nadia…gotta love her personality that shines through through her style (the hair) and even more in her singing performances!

Sarah…I loved her during the previous weeks, but I’ll admit she wasn’t on top of her game this past week and unfortunately that cost her as she was cut. For me that even sucks more because she was among my “favorites” in the ladies group.

Amanda and Celena are “okay” in my opinion. I’ll definitely be watching them throughout the competition to see how they grow along the journey. I wouldn’t mind them making it to the top 12.

Mikalah…EASILY the most annoying contestant yet. Simon hit it on the nose this past week when he told her that America is either going to find her to be really “fun” or really “annoying” and I, my friends, fit into the latter group!

And then my by far favorite female contestant, Carrie Underwood! She is pretty and has a great country-ish style voice. She seems sweet too, so I’m pulling for her in the ladies bracket.

For the men….

Anwar…fun fella who seems real genuine and humble. He knows what he is there to do and just goes out and does it. A nice voice.

Anthony…I liked him during the past weeks, but this first week being judged by America he wasn’t on top of his game. I think being younger nerves really got to him. I don’t see him lasting till the final 12, but he isn’t all that bad, just young I think.

Joseph….not real sure what I think of him as a singer yet, but definitely a cute guy.

Scott…not a fan of him as a guy…was kinda a jerk during the “tryouts” time in Hollywood in the previous weeks, but I must say he has a pretty good voice that you wouldn’t expect to come outta him.

Mario….a fun, cute guy that can sing. I wish him the best, though he probably isn’t in my top five outta the guys.

Nikko…how can I NOT love Ozzie Smith’s son, who looks JUST like his dad (could literally be his twin!) He has a great voice and seems to have a cool personality that he lets out through his songs. He is a pretty good lookin’ brother too, might I add.

The rockers…Constantine and Bo…originally Constantine has been my favorite outta the two leading up till now. I still really like him, but I have to say Bo pulled off a better “first week” this past week than Constantine. Bo was rockin’ it up there with “sitting on the dock of the bay”…I think that was what he sang…HA! Both are two of my favs.

And Travis Tucker. I’ve been drooling…opps..i mean watching this guy week after week. He is definitely one of my favorites (ever since his original audition when he danced and sang his way into Hollywood!) A GREAT voice with smooth dancing skills and not to mention one of the PRETTIST smiles! He was ‘alright’ this week, but I expect great things from him still!

As for my “favorite” male contestant…I don’t think I can just pick one. They are all pretty good. I just can’t wait to see which 6 of the men make it to the top 12!

So, maybe American Idol has a tradition to continue and alternate gender of the contestant crowned the “American Idol”. Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia......and who….

I predict a male, but who knows, there is a LOT of time for maturing among all the contestants out there, and plenty of time to win my heart over as who I think should be the next American Idol!

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Holly said...

Nice review. I like reading the different reviews out there (about American Idol). I was really shocked about the girls that got eliminated. I for sure thought Janaye would go. As for the boys, I wasn't too shocked but I really wasn't expecting Judd to go -- his performance wasn't awesome but I definately think he performed better than, say, Anthony. Oh well -- I voted and I suppose that's all one can do! Like you said -- it was just the first week and a lot of them seemed nervous. I hope the acts significantly improve this week!