Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Survey for fun...

1. gum: Super Bubble and Orbit spearmint
2. restaurant: I don’t care to go out and eat much
3. drink: Water or lemonade, but I’m drinkin’ a LOT more water nowadays
4. season: whichever…I can be happy in any of them
5. type of weather: beautiful days like the last two days when it has been sunny and temps in the high 70’s low 80’s
6. emotion: love
7. thing to do on a half day: a half-day of what? I only have school on Monday and Thursdays and each day it is only from 2-9 PM….so I work that morning “half” of the day. ;)
8. late-night activity: believe it or not…I’ve gotten “old” and go to bed before “late-night” starts…but IF I stay up late it is either online chattin’ with people or doin’ homework.
9. sport: Basketball and football
10. city: I like Abilene…I would love to move back there to raise a family and then teach at ACU one day
11. store: Wal-Mart or Old Navy

_____When was the last time you___
12. cried: oh gosh…I don’t know…I suppose when I watched “Life as a House”….but I suppose a “real” cry hasn’t been since my friend Chuck passed
13. played a sport: uhh…for a team, intramurals at ACU…so back in April 2004, but I’ve played basketball with my cousins since then.
14. laughed: just earlier when Becca and I were IMing about her boss since we are both sittin’ here making fun of her over IM as we watch her here with us!
15. hugged someone: got a LOT of hugs this weekend when I was back in Abilene for Sing Song. I love seeing my friends!
16. kissed someone: gosh…I don’t know. I don’t kiss anyone….not even relatives or family…HA!
17. felt depressed: uhh…I don’t normally get depressed, but it is a symptom of bereavement, so yeah, I suppose it was back in Oct/Nov.
18. felt overworked: hmm….I don’t know if it is possible to be “overworked”…unless you die…so I suppose I don’t know. ;)
19. faked sick: I don’t like it when people fake being sick.

____What was the last___
21. word you said: “you” because I told Becca I was making fun of her
22. thing you ate: one of those big chewy sweet-tarts
23. song you listened to: uhh…something in the car on the trip to Abilene. I think the last thing that might have been on when I turned off the car was some old Nelly song on my cd…maybe “Air Force Ones”
24. last thing you drank: water
25. place you went: downstairs to call Janaye from the phone in the lobby of the library to prove to her that I was in town
26. movie you saw: Million Dollar Baby…which is GREAT (good luck at the Oscars this weekend, Baby!)
27. movie you rented: "The Forgotten” (actually pretty good, too)

____Who was the last person____
28. hugged: my old roommate Jackie Beth as I left Sarah’s lingerie shower on Sunday
29. cried over: Chuck
31. danced with: Brandon
33. had a sleep over with: Ellison, Holly, Sharon, and Slagle at Ellison’s this past weekend. But I’m staying at Ellison’s tonight too! Gotta love her!
34. called: Naye
35. went to a movie with: Holly and Makiyo to “Million Dollar Baby”
36. saw: Becca…she is sittin’ across from me
37. were angry with: gosh…I honestly just sat here and thought for a while and I have no clue. I don’t get angry easily, so don’t remember
38. can't take your eyes off: Tim McGraw ;) or Travis Tucker on American Idol!!! ;)
39. obssessed over: I don’t obsess over boys…that’s crazy

_______Have you ever____
40. danced in the rain: hmmm…probably…but I don’t remember for sure
41. kissed someone: yeppers
42. done drugs: nothing illegal
43. drank alcohol: yeah
44. partied till the sun came up: uhhh…..hungout with friends all night before…yes…partied…well we were having a blast…but I don’t know if you would consider it “partying” ;)
45. had a movie marathon: I can barely make myself sit through one movie…much less a “marathon” of them ;)
46. gone too far on a dare: nah
47. spun until you were immensely dizzy: not that I can remember…but Brandi and I went around the ACU campus one night last year at like probably 9 o’clock and rolled down hills for fun! HA! You can get SOOO dizzy rollin’ down the big hill in front of the bible building…I TOTALLY recommend it…go out there some night and try it!

55. i'm feeling: hungry
56. i'm listening to: me and becca typing..but other than that…it is quiet…we’re in the library! ;)
57. i'm doing: this survey of course
58. i'm talkin to: no one
59. i'm craving: food…I’m not picky!
60. i'm thinking: do I really want to get up that early in the morning to have chicken ‘n chess burritos with Brandi?!?! ;)
61. i'm hating: I don’t hate…hate is not a good thing

63. my first love is: my friends
64. my current love: still gotta go with my friends on this one
65. love or lust: Love
66. best love song is: oh…too many…but I do love “Remember When” by Alan Jackson…but it probably isn’t the “best”
67. Possible to be in love w/ more than one person at the same time: who knows
68. When love hurts: talk about it with a good friend
69. is there such thing as love @ first site? I don’t know
70. turn ons: physical--goatee, buff arms, nice smile; other--good sense of humor, good personality, confident but not arrogant
71. turn offs: arrogant, partier, smoker
72. does your parent's opinion on you gf/bf matter? I suppose…but it ain’t like I correspond with my folks all that much…by the time I actually introduced them to him we would probably practically be married…HA!
73. what kind of hairstyle are you into? Hat hair
74: what is the sweetest thing a girl/guy can do for you? Been treated with respect, I’ll have to agree with my sister on this one. That’s all I ask from a guy or anyone for that matter
75. where do you go to meet new people? school
76.Are you the type to HOLLA and ask for numbers? Lol…oh don’t you know it! HA! ;)

77. dogs or cats: Dogs
78. short or long hair: Short Hair on guys, but on girls long hair
79. sunshine or rain: sunshine unless I want to sleep, then a steady easy rain! ;)
80. hugs or kisses: depends on who the “giver” is! ;)
81. summer or winter: summer when I want it hot…winter when I want it cold
82. written letters or e-mail: both
83. nintendo or motorcycles: both, but I don’t quite understand the comparison there
85.house party or club: lol…either or…I just like to dance ;)
86. sing or dance: both…not that I’m good at either…but I love doin’ both
87. freak or slow dance: I don’t know how to slow dance..HA! But I can sure freak dance! ;)

88. How are you today? Great…life is good my friends!
89. what pants are you wearing? Jeans…my new girly ones that everyone, especially Cheryl, Liz and Becca, love to mess with me about
90. what shirt are you wearing: one of my Cabo San Lucas ones
91. what does your hair look like right now: uhhh…I can’t see it…I don’t have a mirror near by, but I’m sure it is a mess under my hat…HA!
92. what song are you listening to right now: none…sorry….at the library..and that’s against the rules…kinda like eating in the library…like how Becca and I are eating cake
93. how is the weather right now: I don’t know….I’m inside…but it was rainy out there earlier
94. who was the last person you talked to on the phone: Janaye…it would have been Angela…but she wouldn’t answer her phone
95. last dream i can remember: oh gosh…I don’t know….I don’t ever really remember my dreams

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