Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm High...

I'm so high on life right now! I don't thinkg I've been so happy and in love with life as this since my undergraduate days!

It's 10 minutes till 11 PM right now on a Monday. I didn't get back to my house till after 9 PM tonight and I'm just in a GREAT mood!

I just got done chatting with two of my best friends online and I was just in such good spirits during our talks, I KNOW they could both tell...HA! It's one of those feelings that overcomes you in so many ways that people can't help but notice your demeanor, even if they are only engaging with you via online chat...HA!

It's funny because recently I've found myself noting someone's away messages talking about how they are just so in love with their life situation right now and how life couldn't be any better, and every time I would read these messages I would think to myself, "I used to be like that...some 3 years ago." But tonight, I'm in that state of being! And I love it!

I hope it can last through the night...

...assuming I'm ever able to fall asleep! It's not easy when you're on a high...HA! ;)

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jules said...

so glad to see this blog. i came to the same conclusion about a year ago and haven't looked back since. and, after watching certain people wallow in misery, year after year, it occurred to me that i wouldn't be happy unless i made myself happy. so i did.

i take the time to do things i enjoy. i spend time with people i love. and i make sure to keep in mind how truly blessed i am with friends, family, and the capability to be happy.

there are still rough days, no doubt, but i make those the exceptions. abe lincoln was right when he said, "people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

love ya, krs! have a great rest of the week!