Sunday, August 05, 2007

Random Thoughts

Just some random stuff...
  • Best Thing to Say If You Get Caught Sleeping at Your Desk: " ... in Jesus' name, Amen."

  • I have nothing left lingering behind in Missouri any longer... When my parents came down this trip they brought the rest of my belongings that had been boxed up there for YEARS. This is mostly stuff I had TOTALLY forgotten about. Granted there were a few things I remembered and was excited to look through the boxes to find when they arrived: my sports cards collection, school memorabilia (i.e. the few yearbooks I didn't already have with me, my basketball stuff, etc.), and my pogs collection. I haven't gotten through ALL the boxes yet (there's probably about 10 medium/smaller sized boxes), but all I have left to find is the pogs collection, and I am REALLY looking forward to that...HA (seriously)!

  • As I was going through some of this older stuff here is some conclusions I'm coming too: 1.) I saved a LOT of stuff I forgot I had saved, such as notes from high school (like notes you'd pass between friends during classes...HA). I reached in the bag of notes and pulled one out to look at it and see what one of them used to look like....uh, yeah, I have NO idea who that person was that it was from...HA! 2.) I've finally made it to "older" as I found old newspaper clippings I had saved thinking they would be cool to look back on "when I got older"...well, yeah, I guess I've made it to "older" because it was cool to see newspapers from when Agassi was winning championships with his LONG hair, and the newpapers of Princess Diana's funeral. The newspaper of the movie Titanic sweeping the Oscars and past Superbowl winners. 3.) I made some REALLY cool art projects in high school! HA! I found some of my COOL ceramic projects and airbrush projects and photography projects! 4.) I was REAL good at not paying attention in classes in high school and still getting good grades...HA! I found a binder I had put together after graduating that contained funny notes I took in class of what the teachers were saying, as well as practical joke type things I had made/did in classes. HA!

  • Finally having my sports card collection back in my hands was SOOO exciting for me! HA! I LOVED collecting sports cards as a kid. What happened to that hobby? Oh right, video games. =( Anyways, I'm saddened that I can't find Beckett sports card pricing guides at libraries anymore. I guess it's because kids don't collect cards anymore. I remember as a kid growing up I'd look forward to every once in a while taking my "good" cards up to the library and sitting for hours looking them up in the Beckett price guides to see which ones were going up and down in price. When I got the collection out and was going through it the other day I kept smiling as I'd find the ones I had labeled as worth so much. I went to the library here this weekend hoping to be able to check out some Beckett guides, so I could look the cards up and see if they are worth much today, but they don't have them at the library. Sad day.

  • Speaking of things that remind me of my childhood days... I went to a HalfPrice books store this weekend that was having a blowout sale on their VHS tapes (I still don't mind watching a movie on a VHS) where they had HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of VHS tapes all on sale for $1 each. So yeah, I ended up buying 18....HA! Anyways, a few of them I got and they reminded me of my childhood: "Short Circuit," "The Brave Little Toaster," "Glory" (we had to watch it in our 8th grade history class...I LOVE that movie), and "Little Giants." Yes, a couple of them are Disney kids movies, but hey, I said they were movies that took me back to growing up times...HA!

  • Yesterday I went and played tennis with my little brother who is in town with my parents. It was GOOD to get to play some sport again. I miss having people around to play a pick-up game of something or another with. I hadn't got to play me some tennis in over I year I think was the last time. Back when my siblings and I were all together in July of LAST year we all played for several hours. So I was a little outta practice with the game (not to mention I'm outta shape). And then there was my little brother who decided to welcome me to the courts with his comment of "I've been getting to play tennis either everyday or every other day this summer"...oh boy. HA! Well it didn't end up being TOO bad. He did win though with the final scores being 6-4 and 6-2. Oh well. We are going to go play again tonight I think, so maybe I'll be a little less tired and be able to beat him this time around. HA!

  • I enjoyed the Postsecret cards posted for this week. In the approximate 1.5 years that I've been following the Postsecret phenomenon I have never seen any cards similar to the two "confessions" I made in the two cards I have ever sent in. This week was the FIRST time there was one even HALFWAY close to one of my cards. That was interesting to see. HA! Besides that one, there were several other cards this week that I enjoyed.

  • I think I'll end with this card taken from the Postsecret site this week. It is a card that made me laugh out loud when I read it and it reminded me of an inside joke one of my cousins I live with has with me. The joke is about how he once came into my room and noticed that I have a box of Fruit Loops on my bathroom counter. When he saw it, he was like, "What the heck? You eat in the bathroom?" HA! I was like, "Yeah, when I'm getting ready in the mornings. I don't have much time." HA! So from then on we always joke about Fruit Loops (or cereal in general) in the bathroom. HA! NOTE: However, I want to state for the record that I do NOT eat while I'm GOING to the bathroom...HA!

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