Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Random Thoughts

  • I really like the "tabs" feature on the new version of Internet Explorer.
  • I still find it interesting to think about the reasons people would choose the option on their AIM preferences to not "allow users to see how long you have been idle." I know one person once said, "I don't want people to know that I'm ALWAYS at my computer," but to me, showing your screenname as NEVER going idle seems like it kinda defeats the purpose... I know there's other reasons, but they always interest me to think about them. HA!
  • How about that AIM option of "allow users to see I am typing a response." I use that feature. And I'll be the first to admit that it gets me in trouble sometimes. HA! I love it, but I hate it sometimes...HA! HOWEVER, on the receiving end of it, I LOVE it when the people I'm chatting with have it. When you're on the sending end, it can get you in trouble in those deep serious talks. You find yourself starting to answer a serious/deep question and then you stop and you look at it...or you decide you want to change your response and oh yeah, the receiver is FULLY aware of your hesitation...HA! My best friend and I actually joke about that feature a lot when we are in those deep of us will be like, "Come on now...I KNOW you were going to say something because you started to type just say it!" HA! HA!
  • I know of two people who today were going to take the first step in setting up appointments to see counselors; neither of them did it. Of course, as I know a little about the counseling field, I know all to well that they could teach an entire class on the reasons why people choose not to take that first step to go to counseling. HOWEVER, I still found myself really thinking both of these individuals were going to do it and for some reason I let myself feel surprised that they ended up having "excuses" for why they couldn't do it today.
  • Does the term "electrocuted" imply death? Like can you be electrocuted and still live, or if that's the case were you just "shocked?" HA! Like I think someone once said to me that it's possible for you to drown and still live, but I don't know that I believe that one...HA! If you drown you died in my book.
  • I've been thinking that going into private practice in a situation with business hours in the evening times, even up till like taking a last client at like 9 or 10 PM would be more beneficial for treating the mildly depressed. Why? Because the mildly depressed are typically dealing with their depressive symptoms at night time. During the daytime they are typically in a better mood and busy and not feeling as depressed or depressed at all and they think they are "all better" and then the cycle begins again that evening. I guess it's kinda like how many severely mentally ill individuals get on their medications and the medicine starts to help them, and their symptoms go away and then they get off the medication because "they are better" and then it just gets bad again. Hmmm...
  • Barry cheats. I'm sure Hank was thinking it in his head while he "congratulated" Barry too.
  • My 7-year streak of attending ACU Homecomings will be coming to an end. The Sing Song streak ended this year too.
  • Today at work I got SOOOO aggrevated, but I made myself walk away without saying something because I'm supposed to be the peacemaker now in this new position. But I sure did find myself back at my desk fuming thinking to myself: SERIOUSLY PEOPLE I PROMISE THIS WOULD BE THE BETTER WAY TO DO IT!!!! And the thing was that more people agreed with the way I was saying to do it (that it made more sense and that more people would participate that way), but when someone played it off as "it'll be more work" (which is crap, because it wouldn't be much more work at all) they just said let's do it the easier way. Yeah, easier by saving yourself 3 seconds and one pen-stroke, but I guarantee they'll raise less money this way. GRRRRRRRRRRrrrrr....
  • Do you have those friends that you forget how much you love them and how much fun you have when you're around them until you find yourself spending time with them again? Yes, you do have those friends. I think we all do. I even actually end up telling those friends of mine that when I realize they are one of "those friends" for me. HA! Hey, it really is a compliment! Anyways, I just LOVE those moments of realization. Like you're talking with one of them again after an extended period of time without any interactions and you just find yourself thinking how much you've missed interacting with them! But then of course you realize that and then you most likely go another long extended period of time without interacting again...thus not learning your lesson. HA!


Ellison said...

I hate you for not coming to Homecoming.

jules said...

1. i'm glad you're blogging more often.
2. i use mozilla firefox, not explorer.
3. my idle feature is set to 20 minutes, i think. i haven't ever put any thought into that feature, though.
4. i have my "typing a response" feature disabled, and i did it consciously. i'm a major aim hesitater(or?). i start to type and erase, type and erase, type and erase... but, i'll be the first to admit that i like it better when those with whom i'm conversing have that feature enabled.
5. don't think i need to go to a counselor... yet. but, i can see how it would be very difficult to take that first step.
6. i've been electrocuted twice. not dead yet. at least, i don't think so... just pinched myself. nope, not dead yet.
7. your theory about nighttime clinical hours is good. it makes a great deal of sense to me.
8. cheaters never win and winners never cheat. i think bb will be found out... even if he doesn't, though, how many people do you know that truly believe he deserves that record? i don't know of any.
9. sorry you won't get to see me at homecoming. ;) seriously, though, jen does do a pretty darn good job, doesn't she?
10. now, this i can identify with... i'm a fumer.
11. what about those friends that you hang out with for the first time in awhile and then CAN'T remember why you were friends in the first place? the ones who just seem to be in such a strange place that you ask, "what did we ever have in common?"

did i make it through a whole comment without using the word "interesting"? i overuse that word. and, also, i like that you're so good at directing your words at other people, instead of just making it about yourself. i really like that. (see, there i go again...) instead of saying, "i, i, i...", you're good at saying, "you," which is much more inclusionary. good job.

FeedingYourMind said...

Ellison: don't be a hater, hater!

Jules: I'll respond to your comment later...I have to get to bed, because in all honesty, I think I'm too tired because I'm kinda lost that last part...HA! I'm sure I'll understand it when I read it when I'm not as tired...HA!

FeedingYourMind said...

1. I think I am too.
2.ehhh, I like to support very rich men.
3.OH…the idle feature I believe you’re addressing…I’ve put thought into that one too. I changed mine from 20 minutes to 10 minutes because I figure if someone is going to be idle for 20 minutes, they gotta hit the 10 minute idle mark first and I’d like to know their idle earlier than later if I’ve IMed them and am wondering why they haven’t written me back yet. ;) can change “hesitater(or?)” to “thinker” and it makes it all better. =)
5.what’s even more fun is compiling a list of all the GREAT reasons people use NOT to take the first step. “don’t think I need to go to a counselor” is a good one too…but SWEAR I’m not saying you need to…HA! Promise, but I can’t tell you how many mentally ill individuals DO use that one.
6.good to know: “Jules” does not believe electrocuted ultimately refers to death.
7.but of course this is coming from two people that don’t go to sleep at night.
8.true…none here either.
9.whatever, the day you go to homecoming when it falls during a school semester. ;) what what…Jen gets to do Homecoming again…NICE! =)
10.can I take this one and place it with the number 6 words? If you are “fuming” are you allowed to speak…or is “fuming” defined as not releasing the anger? Is a fumer someone that gets angry and holds it all in? And if they can go either way, as a “fumer” yourself, do you let it out or keep it in? ;)
11.all I can say is this: HA HA HA! (oh, and this, “oh my”) ;)

I use “interesting” a lot myself. As for the “directing your words at other people” part – I’m lost. HA! I can understand not “making it about yourself” because that reminds me of the blogs I normally find myself skimming, rather than really “reading”, but as for referencing this blog, didn’t I start most all the bullets with “I”…HA! And as for “directing your words at other people” don’t most people NOT like that? If I say “you, you, you”. doesn’t that make it like I’m pointing the finger at others, rather than myself? I guess that’s where I’m confused. You make it sound like “directing your words at other people” is a good thing? Is it? And I don’t know what “inclusionary” means…HA! Sorry.

But I do appreciate it as I believe it to have been meant as a compliment, even though I don't completely understand what I'm being complimented for...HA!

jules said...

by the "other people" comment, i just mean that you're very good at making sure other people feel included in what you're discussing. when i write, i tend to say, "i think this...", or "i think that...". i'm not good at making people feel included in my thoughts. you are.

now that i'm reading what i said, i see that it doesn't make much sense. sorry. whatever the case, you're good at making people feel included. take it as a compliment! that's how i meant it. ;)