Sunday, June 12, 2005

100 Things About Me

OK – This think looks DAUNTING to fill out, but it really isn’t that bad if you just start going…I LOVED filling it out, and I can see myself doing another one of them again soon! Just let your mind wonder throughout your past and just start writing down things that come to your mind! It’s really pretty cool to see how quickly you can come up with 100 things! So here goes:

100 Things About Me

1. I was born in Springfield, Missouri
2. I have 1 younger brother
3. I have 1 younger sister
4. I have 1 older brother
5. I was raised in the Church of Christ
6. I moved to St. Louis during the summer before my 3rd grade year of school
7. I was awarded the girl’s award for class clown in my 5th grade class
8. I used to collect pencil lead in elementary school
9. Everyone in my class (even some other classes) including my teachers would give me their broken off pieces of pencil lead
10. I never met my maternal grandpa
11. My maternal grandma died in 1997 of Alzheimer’s
12. I love tuna
13. The only time I had my own bedroom when living at home was my senior year of high school (because I took my older brother’s room when he moved out for college!)
14. I didn’t get my own car till I was 22
15. My first car is a 2000 Toyota Camry
16. I played basketball, T-Ball, and soccer all on teams when I was a little kiddo
17. I LOVE to play soccer, though it isn’t as big in Texas as it was in St. Louis
18. I used to play all kinds of sports in the neighborhood with the boys—soccer, basketball, and roller-hockey
19. I was the only girl that got to play with the boys (or that maybe wanted too…HA!)
20. I did NOT want to go to ACU
21. I wanted to go to Southwest Missouri State University (SMSU)
22. I had applied to like 9 or 12 universities (I can’t remember the exact number) for undergraduate and was accepted to all of them
23. I was a psychology major in my undergraduate work
24. I was a criminal justice minor
25. I played basketball for my high school all 4 years
26. I was the best free-throw shooter on our team
27. At my senior year basketball banquet my coach described me as “Rudy” from the movie Rudy
28. My best friends on the basketball team were all my black teammates
29. I was the National Honor Society’s secretary my senior year in high school
30. I have never used any illegal drugs
31. I have never been a smoker
32. I tried my first cigarette during the summer of 2001 or 2002 (I can’t remember) but it just never was for me
33. I’ve never taken a shot of alcohol before
34. I don’t plan to ever take a shot
35. I think shots are solely for the purpose to get drunk…not for me
36. I was the only kid in the 3rd grade in my school’s gifted program
37. In fourth grade two more 4th graders joined me
38. I love math
39. I got either a 31 or 32 on my math section of the ACT in high school
40. However, my overall ACT score was a 26
41. I did VERY poorly on the reading section of the ACT
42. I’ve always been a bad test taker, especially on standardized tests
43. I went to prom solo
44. However, I rode to prom in a limo with another of my friends who didn’t have a date and another of our friends and her date
45. I found the guy I “kinda asked” to prom on facebook a few weeks ago and I thought about messaging him to see what he is up to, but I haven’t
46. I had to get glasses so I could see during my 3rd grade year of school
47. I have only been in one wreck while driving
48. The wreck wasn’t my fault; I got rear-ended, but it wasn’t that bad luckily
49. The wreck was on New Year’s Eve around like 5 PM
50. I was in my dad’s truck and I went home and cried to my dad because I didn’t think he was going to let me go to my church youth groups New Year’s Eve party because of it
51. My maternal grandpa died in a pretty gross way
52. I have never been baptized
53. I applied to three schools for graduate school
54. I got into one, got to the waiting list on another one, and didn’t get into the third because of too low of a GRE test score
55. I had a pet fish in my dorm room my sophomore year though we weren’t supposed too
56. That fish ended up dying and I think it was from overheating (maybe the water got too hot! HA!)
57. I have had a best friend named Laura in three areas of my live: at my church back at home, at my high school, and at my undergraduate school
58. I’ve only broke one bone in my life—my collarbone
59. It was on my 2nd birthday…I rolled off a bed
60. I had lived in 7 different houses before I moved out of the house for college
61. I’ve grown up poor
62. I know what it’s like to have utilities turned off
63. I bought my first DVD player about two months ago
64. During the summer following my senior year of high school I wrote a 10-page hand-written letter to the “boyfriend” of my best friend in high school (though she was from my church) because he was being a JERK to her
65. He wrote me back and apologized for being a jerk and admitted to being intimidated by me…HA!
66. I still have copies of both those letters and I just reread them about a month ago
67. That best friend and that “boyfriend” are getting married this August
68. I'm afraid of heights
69. I've only flown in a plane once
70. But I’ll fly for my second time going to the same place in less than two weeks
71. I can never remember how to spell the word “guaranteed” (thank goodness for spell check on this thing!)
72. Lately I’ve noticed I’m not the only person that has this problem though…HA!
73. I can’t stand it when people refer to other people as “trash”
74. Especially because it is short for “trailer trash”…and that makes me even madder
75. I love really greasy and VERY cheesy pepperoni pizza!
76. I prefer thick crust pizza
77. I’ve thought a lot lately and I think if I have cancer I’d rather not know about it and just let it kill me in it’s own time
78. I used to have an anxiety problem of riding in cars with a lot of people
79. I LOVE to crank my music in my car and sing at the top of my lungs
80. I would be a PERFECT candidate for that show on MTV (or is it VH1…I don’t know what channel) but I think it is called “Motor-Mouth” or something like that
81. I don’t go to a lot of people for advice
82. I don’t know how to swim
83. I own 8 DVDs: “Life as a House”; “Signs”; “Blue Collar Comedy Tour”; two Michael Jackson ones; ACU Sing Song 2004; GATA fall semester 2003; ACU senior dinner 2004
84. I have a secret desire to be a magazine columnist (I think that is what they are called…HA!)
85. I got SUPER badly sunburned the weekend of Easter my freshman year at ACU…I probably should have went to the hospital…HA!
86. I went to class that next week with cold wet wash clothes wrapped around my calves and ankles under my wind-pants…HA!
87. I've been to Mexico once
88. I've never been outside the U.S. except for Mexico
89. I want to get married one day
90. I want to have two kids
91. Preferably either two boys or a boy THEN a girl
92. I would LOVE to have twins (especially if at least one of them is a boy)
93. I am the shortest person in my immediate family now (my younger brother has passed me up over the past year or two)
94. I was voted "Club Clown” two years in a row in my social club in college
95. I think almost everything we do in life is done out of selfish reasons (though a lot of the times I think they are unconsciously selfish motives)
96. I LOVE roller-blading and ice skating
97. I got to be a great roller-blader from playing roller hockey when I was real young
98. I love to laugh
99. I have 48 different blogs marked as “Favorites” in my internet browser
100. I really enjoyed filling this out!


Jennifer said...

Believe it or not, I knew every one of those.

FeedingYourMind said... everybody KNOWS we are HAD to let the cat outta the box, huh!?!? I wasn't going to reveal that until my NEXT list of 100 Things About Me!