Wednesday, July 27, 2005

100 Things About Me (again)

This is my second time to do this "100 Things About Me" (the first time was here), so I suppose this is kinda kinda like "101-201 Things About Me"...HA!

1. I really like that song "You'll Be There" by George Strait.
2. I'm listening to it right now and my favorite part is where it says, "Well you don't bring nothing with you here and you can't take nothing back. I ain't never seen a hearse with a luggage rack."
3. My senior year of high school our high school football team won the 4A State Championship (4A was the category for the largest schools in MO during that time, however I think they have 5A now).
4. I did not play on our school football team.
5. I love the card game "Pit".
6. I own that game.
7. In my bedroom in my apartment during my junior and senior year of college I had over 350 pictures covering all four walls.
8. I own two computers.
9. I didn't buy either of them.
10. One my first best friend from ACU gave me as a gift during Welcome Week my junior year there.
11. My laptop was my Christmas gift from my uncle and aunt that I currently live with.
12. I only wear Nike tennis shoes.
13. I don't mind getting shots.
14. However I've never swallowed a pill in my life...HA!
15. I've never given blood before because I'm scared.
16. I'm going to two weddings on back to back weekends in St. Louis.
17. They are this weekend and the following weekend.
18. However I'm coming back here in between the two weddings because I have to go to my Monday night class.
19. I don't think anyone in my family has ever had cancer.
20. I love this song "Skin" by Rascal Flatts, though it makes me want to cry every time I listen to it!
21. I'm listening to it right now.
22. However, if you have never heard it, I can tell you you will NOT get the same feeling just reading the lyrics, you have to hear how the song goes and how they sing it.
23. For some reason I'm totally attracted to Hugh Laurie's character on the television show "House."
24. I think it is because I love how his character is so intelligent and I actually love his somewhat rude-sarcasm. I think it is because I find it so witty and smart!
25. However I want to point out that I think it is his personality that I'm so attracted too, not his looks.
26. I like to keep a lot of textbooks from college to have for reference material.
27. I'm currently reading a book called "How to Get Published -- Guaranteed".
28. I started reading it yesterday morning when I didn't feel like getting ready for work, though I knew I should have. I read the first 5 pages then. Then last night I read about 45 more pages.
29. I'm getting a little more serious about trying to get a book published, though I think I'm going to have to wait till after I finish school and start my career so I'll have a few thousand dollars to dedicate to publishing a book.
30. I'm a cheap-skate.
31. I don't like spending money on a lot of things.
32. I love ACU!
33. I wear a ACU bracelet everyday (you know, those kinds like the popular "Live Strong" ones...though this one is purple).
34. At work we have to wear lanyards that have our "key" to get around throughout the building on it. My lanyard is an ACU one.
35. I'm thinking VERY seriously about going out to ACU for the 100th Opening Chapel Ceremony.
36. I'd have to leave shortly have it was over though so I could get back here for my night class that night! HA!
37. I start my internship the week of August 22 (though I think I'm not going to be doing it on Mondays, so I could still go to the opening ceremony).
38. I'm honestly not looking forward to this internship simply because it is going to be in Fort Worth and I'm going to have to be there by 8 AM, which means I'll have to leave probably around 7 AM if not before.
39. I am not a morning person.
40. I'm a night owl and find I can write the best late at night and I do a LOT of thinking late at night.
41. I did my last paper for school on this topic of me not being disciplined in going to bed at night.
42. While the paper was to set up an intervention and try to help the individual (though in this case it was myself) with their issue, my paper ended up not showing a success in results from the intervention I did on myself to get myself to go to bed earlier...HA!
43. However the professor said the grade of the paper was not based on the success of the intervention. Good thing for me! HA!
44. I ended up writing that paper the weekend before it was due. It ended up 34 pages when including the appendix.
45. The class average on the paper was an 80%. I was the only person that got a 100% on the paper and the professor asked if she could make a copy of my paper to use as an example paper to show in the future (I allowed her! HA!)
46. I suppose the grade on the paper allows me to continue to have an undisciplined bedtime! HA! ;)
47. I keep my AIM display for showing people as idle at10 minutes instead of the default of 20 minutes because I figure if a person has been idle for 10 minutes they are basically away from the computer, so that way you know soon than 20 minutes if they are there incase you IM them and are waiting for a reply! ;)
48. I got a COOL gift in the mail this week from Phyllis Trevathan.
49. She sent it to me because I had mailed her a copy of the paper I wrote about her husband for one of my classes during the past fall semester. She said in the card, "To read what you sent me is one of the most beautiful loving days ever for me...Charles would have been so proud of you caring for him, for me, and our children."
50. I've read that card from her daily since I got it.
51. I love cards! The words people write can be so powerful and I read things my friends write to me in emails, cards, etc. most the times over and over!
52. I can't wait for the hybrid Camry to come out!
53. I think it comes out in 2007 my buddy Holly said. If so I think I want to look into getting one of them maybe a year after it comes out (so I can get it used!)
54. I don't see the point behind buying a new car since it loses half it's value as soon as you drive it off the about the only way to build up debt faster than going to ACU! ;)
55. I have a TON of loan debt from ACU.
56. However I wouldn't trade those years for anything! WELL worth the debt!
57. I'm still mad that my ACU diploma doesn't say my major on it. Just my degree. Yeah, I'm proud of my Bachelors in Science, but I'm even more proud of it being in Psychology.
58. I miss writting the "Canned Meat."
59. I STILL have to two post-it notes on my for the blog I want to write about "How to Live a Happy and Satisfying Life Without Religion" that I mentioned in one or two blogs seriously MONTHS ago that I'd like to write soon. HOPEFULLY I'll get it written soon.
60. I should graduate with my masters in what's less than 500 days now! I'm SOOO excited!
61. My sophomore year I had gone jogging around campus with Jennifer Thigpen and I told her I'd like to run for GATA President for my senior year.
62. I ran for GATA President the end of my junior year, but dropped out of the race during my speech; however I wanted to make the speech anyways to make a few points that I thought need to be said.
63. I ended up getting secretary. Getting is the key word there. Since the only other people running for secretary ended up getting President it left me unopposed.
64. To this day I still wish someone would have run for that position against me. You can never know if you were "wanted" for a position when you are left running unopposed.
65. But I loved being secretary! Let's face it...I love to write and that's the main part of that office...writting the newsletter (granted they would end up longer than people wanted...but heck, they had to read them if they wanted to know stuff...HA!)
66. I had run for secretary the year before and didn't get it.
67. However I think that ended up being my FAVORITE pledge seasons that fall that I wasn't an officer! I made it an appoint to get to know that pledge class to the best of my ability! I LOVED that fall!
68. I almost didn't run for any offices for my senior year because one of my best friends in club who knew I wasn't a Christian was leary about me leading club. However, after me giving it a lot of thought and almost backing out, and her coming back to me after giving it a lot of thought herself, she told me she still wanted me to run because she thought I had other qualities of a leader that would be good for an officer of our club to have.
69. I'm so glad I was an officer, though I still think had I not have been an officer I wouldn't have disliked Sing Song my senior year so much! HA! It was because I couldn't be myself and have fun at practices because after practices not going so well in the beginning I was basically under the impression the rest of the practice season that I had to "be an example" and not goof around during practice. Gosh I hated that practice season so much!
70. The only time while I was an officer that I was so scared when I spoke up in front of the club was the night when we were discussing whether to take the Spring Pledge Class or not and we had been in about a 45 minutes club discussion over it. I remember I had sat at the bottom of the club room the entire discussion and just listened and was actually getting really passionate about my beliefs on the issue by the end (which I believe was the ONLY reason why I spoke up) so i raised my hand, shaking and all, and quivered out some of my thoughts on the matter through a stuttering and scared voice. HA! I can remember it to this day...however, I'm pretty sure the shaking was due to being scared, but also because I was so passionate about the situation and getting so worked up about it.
71. I think my being a part of GATA during my college years MADE my college career!
72. Some people are social club people and some people aren't. I'm DEFINITELY a social club person!
73. I truly believe many of my friendships from my social club will last throughout my lifetime.
74. However, I'm still honored to have great friends who were not from my social club.
75. I lived with 3 women (Erin, Jackie Beth, and Sarah) my junior and senior year in college that were all from a different social club than me.
76. However their social club was always my favorite, behind GATA of course!
77. Before we moved in together, I only knew one of the gals! And even then, her and I weren't really close.
78. Those women have ended up being some of my favorite people in the world!
79. My mom still to this day keeps in touch with her roommate she had while at ACU (though she only went there for 2 years). I believe I'll keep in touch with my roommates most my life too!
80. I'm slowly wearing my baseball cap less and less.
81. I think this is due to the fact that I'm always at work nowadays though and I can't wear it there. However, I have found that many times once I get home from work I still don't put it on though, like right now I still haven't put it on today! HA!
82. I dealt with bad anxiety my senior year of high school.
83. I thought I was agoraphobic for a while during my freshman year of college, but I've sense realized it wasn't that. Just anxiety.
84. I've gotten most my anxiety under control nowadays though! Gotta love educating one's self and helping one's self! ;)
85. I'm interested in working with clients who deal with depression and anxiety when I'm finally a therapist.
86. Though I think I'm more interested in depression.
87. I think anxiety and depression are two of the most common issues SOOO many people deal with.
88. And I think it's unfortunate that we normally view them as so bad and try to cover them up and not admit to them when they can be helped.
89. I don't mind doing things by myself.
90. I went to my favorite Chinese buffet restaurant just last weekend by myself.
91. If I couldn't find my friends to sit with during Chapel my 4 years at ACU I would just sit by myself, it didn't bother me. I usually found I got more out of chapel when sitting by myself anyways.
92. I get hot easily. It is because I almost always where shoes and socks and a hat. It's true that you lose a lot of your body heat through your head and feet and with me always keeping them both covered up, I keep a LOT of my body heat locked in, therefore keeping me hot. If you don't believe me, if you find you're getting cold a lot, see if you normally keep your feet covered, or if you're a person that always wears flip-flops or sandels! ;) If you're cold, cover your feet and I'll bet you'll warm up a lot quicker! ;)
93. I've never cared much for history. I remember telling my social studies teacher once when growing up that I thought history was so pointless! I told her, "It's all in the past...why does it matter to us today?!?!" HA!
94. In 7th grade my teacher English teacher had to write a not home to my mom saying I talked too much during classtime. (Note: that was talking when I wasn't supposed to be, like talking to my friends around me and stuff...NOT that I would raise my hand and ask questions and make comments about the class too much...HA!)
95. I've NEVER been one of those people who speaks up in class!
96. I'd say 85% of my collegiate classes in the past I never spoke up once in class in...HA!
97. I'd also say 70% of my collegiate classes in the past I never read a word out of the textbook for that class either! HA! (not something to be proud of, though I'm being honest!)
98. Contrary to popular belief, I don't like to be the center of attention. I don't like it when everyone's attention is focus on me. I love to make comments that come out of no where that are intended for the group to hear, but those are unexpected on behave of the "audience." In those situations everyone isn't looking at me anticipating anything. I don't like when everyone is focused on me and I'm expected to say or do something (this explains numbers 70 and 95 that were mentioned previously to this one)
99. I listen to music almost EVERYTIME I take a shower!
100. I keep most all the emails I get from friends. I have them saved on my computer and on disks and I reread them.

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