Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Just a Little Update...

So, it has become aware to me recently that I have several what I would like to call “daily blog checkers.” And I also am currently aware of the fact that I haven’t posted a blog since last Wed (almost a week), so not to spread the “dang, no new update” feeling that I fear y’all might get as I tend to get and dread when I check my ten or so blogs that I check daily (probably more like bi-hourly, especially lately when I try to find ANYTHING other than homework to do). So, while this blog is gonna be rather short, it is just that, a blog!

First, as an avid reader of my blogs, you probably remember a recent blog I had that was about me “being back;” about how I felt like my “old” self was back again, since I’d been going through a rather “down” time. Well, I’m proud to announce that I think I AM back, and hopefully for good! I haven’t felt “down” or basically below my “typical” level of highly confident self since prior to that night I blogged. I still wonder daily if it really was some unconscious power the political election business was having over me, or what. But I do know I don’t mind believing it was that, because it gives me a reason to not fear going back to that “down” situation (at least not for another 4 years…HA!)

Second, I’ve been TOTALLY bogged down with homework this last few days (especially this weekend). I ALMOST have my first of three 10 page papers finished. This first one I am writing over Chuck’s life, and I’ve been WAY impressed with it because we were suppose to interview our person and stuff like that, well, I have just found other means of getting my information, and I’ve got a little over 9 pages written on his life and I JUST started the part about him starting his first year as a full-time professor at ACU (and to think, that’s the part of his life you would think I would know the most about). I’m hoping to finish this paper today and then begin reading my tons of printouts for my next ten page paper.

Thirdly, I want everyone to be really careful to take care of themselves. Apparently there is “something” going around. My aunt had it not to long ago, then my ex-aunt “apparently” had it last week, but that one I question, I think it was a “show” because I busted her! HA! (that is a WHOLE other story for another time!), then Preston (my cousin) had it last week, then today Brandon (my other cousin) has it. “It” is throwing up, so not something you’ll wanna “try”! While I don’t believe it is the flu, I’ll tell you folks what, I’m about to come up on the one-year anniversary of them I had the flu (it came the last week of regular classes my fall 2003 semester) and I have NEVER been that sick in my LIFE! It is the worst thing! Let’s all be sure to take care of ourselves and get rest, and not overly stressed amidst a time of tons of papers, projects, and deadlines (as we all have!) Also, a lot of illness is a mental game, especially if those who are sick are “around” you, so fight it! I wanna try this new stuff I saw on Oprah (I know, it’s all good though), and it is called “Airborne” and it is suppose to be highly recommended for teachers because they are always around so many germs. Anyways, I know they have it at Wal-Mart I believe, but anyways, it is apparently some thing you dissolve in water I think and drink it, but it is suppose to be taken when you feel the beginning signs of a cold or illness coming on.

Okay, I better get back to homework, but I wanted to give my blog readers something new! I love y’all!

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Galvanize chaos said...

The 'Airbourne Jr.' grape flavor is the best. This stuff really works, and I got mine for five bucks!