Saturday, November 13, 2004

Some Old Blogs (maybe) Worth Another Look...

Okay, so lately I’ve had some people tell me that my recent posts have been really good and have made them think. That my friends is the only purpose that I can serve others with through my posts—to make you think. So, while I personally haven’t found my recent ones to be “wonderful”, I suppose they aren’t too bad. But I decided to enlighten some of you folks who are among my new readers with some of my more favorite posts from my old blog website that you might not even know about ( So, if you find yourself wanting a halfway decent read (in my opinion), check out some of these older posts I wrote, or if you’ve read them before, they might be worth a refresher! Take Care!

My Top Ten Favorite Posts from My Old Blog Website:

No More Politics, Please!


The "Famous"

Those Were the Days....

How "Smart" Do You Really Have to be to Get a College Degree?



The Power of Words!

These Kinda Questions Will Make Ya Think...


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