Monday, November 15, 2004

RaNdOm Funniness!

I honestly believe that laughter (and plenty of it) is what makes me the happy person I am in life (well, okay, so love and other things go into that equation...but anyways...)

Sometimes some of the things that make me laugh the most are some of the TOTALLY random stuff I come up with. It is those things that make you think, "Who the crap thinks up things like that!?!?" HA! Those are some of my FAVORITE moments! And as you will see by the RANDOMNESS of a letter I wrote to a friend at the bottom of this blog, you'll know what I'm talking about.

But first I must say, today was full of random HILAROUS humor! First, Holly and I took it upon ourselves to call SEVERAL of our favorite folks to give them our rendition of a good ol' commercial for none other than non-alcoholic beer! HA! Random? Yes! Fun? NO DOUBT! And thanks to Miss Walker for the call back and giving me the opportunity to "wing it" and keep the humor continuing, but I did have to hang-up on her when I couldn't keep myself composed enough to say "fermentation" without laughing! That word just sounds kinda dirty...HA!

So, after that, it was time for some good ol' AIM humor! This prank/joke you'll have to read more about on Holly's blog at It was rather humorous if I might say so myself. At one point when we were having the conversation with the person I was laughing so hard I was crying!

And finally...the blog I've been putting off posting until I knew the person that I sent the letter to had received it. So here we go....

Okay, so recently Holly and I took it upon ourselves to make our friends more aware of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) by sending a handful of folks several brochures a piece that covered specific STDs, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, and others. I even recommended to some of these friends who received these pamphlets to place them in the bathrooms of their homes after they finished reading them because I thought they made GREAT bathroom reading material and I thought that way special guests who visit their homes would become more aware of STDs as well.

It was unfortunate though that I was later informed that one of my friends who did not receive any pamphlets in the mail, but her roommate did, was upset that she didn’t get this helpful information in the mail. So, of course I couldn’t live my life knowing that this one friend might fall subject to an STD because I did not inform her with this information, so I immediately wrote her a letter in my class that next morning which included what I like to call the “Quick STD Facts List.” Below I have left y’all a copy of what my letter to her included, because I too worry about YOUR safety!

STD Facts for those of us that don’t have enough time to read the pamphlets (except maybe while we’re in the bathroom):

-STDs are bad!

-You can’t get an STD by sharing a pencil in class with someone who has an STD.

-You can get an STD from someone you shared a pencil with in class if you have sex with them in class.

-If you have a phobia of people who have STDs, this is called: STD Phobia.

-STDs can kill!

-Myth: STDs do not cause an individual to have extra ice cream cravings (that just comes from the fact that you love ice cream!)

-You can not get an STD from a person who has sat in a chair previously to you sitting there.

-You can get an STD if a person who has as STD sits in a chair without pants or underwear on and then you sit in the chair without pants or underwear on!

These quick STD Facts are 100% genuine and approved by the National “STDs Kill” Association.

[Here is the added information I wrote on the back of the letter for her…]

I didn’t want you to think that I didn’t care if you got an STD since I didn’t send you any flyers like I sent your roommate. I just realize you’re like me, and too busy to have the time to read those things, so I hope these “Quick Facts” help you out and answer any questions you might have had about STDs.

I also totally understand that sometimes when people go to the bathroom they might not have the time to read the flyers that I suggested your roommate place in y’alls bathroom, so I recommend taping these “Quick Facts” above the toilet paper dispenser, because they are so quick and easy to read, a person can read them in the amount of time it takes to tear off the toilet paper you’ll need!!

Love ya and take care of yourself!
Kimberly R. Smith

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