Thursday, November 11, 2004

This Is Me -- Part 1

So, having been totally influenced by my new found blog friend, galvanized chaos, I am going to begin my “This Is Me” posts which are basically a list of things you might not have known about me. Of course, I fear mine might not be as entertaining as chaos’, but in efforts to try, my lists will have a slight twist. Since most people tend to consider me a little “odd,” all the odd numbered items on the lists will be 100% genuine, while the even numbered ones will be left up to your discretion for their authenticity! HA! (by the way, have you ever noticed how often I say “HA!” in blogs or on AIM!?!? HA!)

So without further ado…

1. As a kid I always wanted to grow up to be a worker at McDonalds (I still haven’t fulfilled that childhood dream yet though)!

2. One time I almost cut my finger off with the scissors, but then I remembered to open my eyes while cutting.

3. One time I ran full speed into a sliding glass door (I can’t help it, they had kept it open all day long and then when it was night time I couldn’t see it was closed because it was dark outside and light inside, so I didn’t see it!)

4. I got an award in 3rd grade for being the best gymnast in P.E. class.

5. I didn’t know that the Texans lost their battle at the Alamo until this past spring when I saw the movie “The Alamo” at the drive-in theater. (Good thing my buddy, Becca filled me in on the rest of Texas history that night)!

6. In high school I noticed I had a crack down the center of my butt, so I tried to fix it with super glue – I’ll never try THAT one again.

7. I’m related to Sam Houston (so you would THINK I would know Texas history, especially the Alamo thingy)!

8. When I was in elementary school I was so short that my feet wouldn’t reach the floor when I was sitting in my desk so I would have to take medicine so my legs wouldn’t lose blood circulation from having to dangle the entire the day.

9. Words I can NEVER seem to remember how to spell: diarrhea and available (don’t worry, I’m writing this on a Word Document so I can use the little squiggly lines under them to correct my spelling!)

10. I was voted “most likely to end up on the Jerry Springer Show” in high school!


Holly said...

lol... this is a great post! Anyway, on #8, did you by chance ever have to pick up your legs and wrap them up in weird ways?

Jennifer said...

Oh Kim...

that's all I have to say.

Galvanize chaos said...

Did your nose flatten from the collision?

WHAT!?! You GLUED your cheeks together? How long did it stay glued, dang super glue never comes off!
this is one hilarious blog:)