Friday, November 12, 2004

Let's All Think About It...

This is a “quick to make you think” blog!

Altruistic: now isn’t that a word you’d love to be described as? I know I would. So, what do you think it takes from our selves to become altruistic? Well, putting others before our self of course! So, I ask you to ask yourself: do I make myself too busy for my friends?

A good friend of mine got me thinking about this lately and I think too often we are all (yes, myself included) guilty of this—being too busy for the people we love. In this fast-paced world we live in today we tend to get wrapped up in what I have to do today and we tend to forget about what we should be doing, which, in terms of altruism, would be looking out for our fellow man.

I’m sure we can all think of a friend of ours that we love dearly, but sometimes feel as if he/she is too busy for us. I hate to think I have given that impression to some of my friends in the past (I’m sure I’m as guilty of it as anyone else).

So, it’s just something for us all to consider and think about when we are faced with making decisions each day, or when a friend comes to us with a favor, or even just to talk. Let’s reconsider “being too busy.”


Alvin Hotchkins said...

If your work is more important, then you will spend more time working. If your girlfriend/boyfriend is more important, you'll spend time with them. If your family is more important, then you'll do things with them.

All I know is that people spend time on the things and people that they find important, regardless of whether someone is in need. It's that simple.

Galvanize chaos said...

Recently I have noticed how little time I have been spending with my best friend. At first, I thought he was the one pushing away. Then I took a step back and realized it was ME. I was the one disregarding our relationship. Now that I know this, I have tripled my effort to strengthen our friendship.