Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Who Is Reading?

Okay, so today has honestly been a crummy day. That’s about all too it. So, in order to try to put myself in a better mood, I want to comment on something that has given me a gleam of happiness for the day—the record amount of blog readers I have had for today alone.

I set up my blog counter around the beginning of November (I honestly wish I could remember the exact date), or it might have been that final week in October, I’m not exactly sure. Anyways, since that time I have surpassed the 100th visitor mark. Then today I set a new record for myself for number of visitors to my blog (which is currently at 17 for today, but the night is still young). So in my gloom of the day, I am joyous to know that people are at least in a sense interested in my life. You gotta face it, whether you like me or not, if you’re going to my blog you must have some sort of interest, even if your doing it only to procrastinate longer on your homework because we all know there are PLENTY of other websites you could be surfing instead! ;)

So, it is now that I must disclaim a myth that is evident in “blogland” and that is that you have to be a member to comment (AKA leave a reply) to someone’s posts. First, some people might have their blogs set to that format, yes, but a majority of the people have it set where ANYONE can comment you just choose the “or post anonymously” “button” on the webpage that comes up asking you to login after you have clicked the “post a comment” button thingy. Does that make sense?

Well, amidst all this joy that I get from my numerous readers, I must say I find myself enthralled by who some of my “avid” readers are. HA! Below I have decided to enlighten everyone to the knowledge of who tends to read my blogs, so you’ll know (as a reader yourself—because you ARE reading it right now!) who also shares in these readings with you! ;)

The following list is people I get off of my AIM buddylist. Folks that I think have the greatest opportunity to access to my blog (even though I realize you don’t have to be on AIM to get to my blog). Also, the listings below are all due in part to my own knowledge, they could be incorrect, and if so, feel free to correct me (AKA if you read my blogs and I don’t have you listed or I have you incorrectly listed! HA!) I personally like the “Non-Readers” section because it is the folks I need to get on to and tell them they are missin’ out! HA! ;)

Angela Rawlings
Aracely Velasquez
Becca Osborn
Brandi Woodard (who is a GREAT friend of mine even though she isn’t a GATA!)
Cheryl Leland
Hollie Inwood
Holly Herr
Jackie Beth Shilcutt
Janaye Batiste
Janet Singleton
Jenni Kripner
Jennifer Reiff
Jennifer Walker
Laura Singleton
Lindsay Nelson
Melody Forest
Val Jolly
Whitney Jones-Briscoe

Have Read, but not in a LONG time:
Chris Cummings
Kristen Turner
Liz Wood
Melissa Mitchell
Ray Donnelly

Amber Ramirez
Amber Witcher
Becky Degge
Katey Earles
Kendall Bailey
Lindsey Miller
Misty Willcox
Stacia Barton
Sumer Bernard
Tori Watson

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Galvanize chaos said...

Dec. 2nd. I read, but you haven't blogged latetly. I miss reading your new stuff!