Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Details from the "Blind Date"...

He had a goatee, ladies! WOO HOO! ;)

Okay, for those who weren’t aware, Tuesday night I went on a “blind date” that was set up by my uncle and aunt. Strange? yes. Was I excited about it? Absolutely not!

It was probably about two weeks ago that my uncle was like, “Linda [that’s my aunt] and I were talking last night about trying to set you up with one of my doctor friend’s sons.” Of course, I played along, trying to act like I cared, and proceeded to find out this fella had just turned 30 years old! Okay, this is where I get highly interested in folks, opinions, because I personally view a 30 year old guy as kinda old for me while I’m just 23. Maybe farther down the road a seven year difference won’t be as big of a deal to me, but when I’m still just early 20’s, it just seems like too much for me. Anyways…

To make a long story short, my uncle tells me Monday night that they want to take me on a “three date” (that’s suppose to be the next step up from a “double date”…HA!) It would be my uncle and aunt, his doctor buddy and his wife, and then this son and me. Obviously, I was thinking oh HECK no, but I’ve always had a problem with telling people “no” and it is even harder when it is your aunt and uncle who are letting you live with them, so as was expected, I said yes, and dragged my head as I headed back to my room.

So last night we arrive at Dave and Busters at 7 PM. The other folks were already there. So we all do the introductions and then we head to our table.

Well, don’t get me wrong, I was nervous, I mean heck, I’m gonna be sitting at a table with all these rich adults and then there’s little ol’ me. But, my saving grace was Mike (my “date”) because, bless his heart he was soooo nervous…..HA! And you ask, how did I know? Because he joked about it at one point and was like, “I’m so nervous” and he was doin’ that whole girly thing where he was laughing at just about anything said, even if it wasn’t funny. HA! Believe it or not, seeing him so nervous put me at total ease. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. Get this—I actually ate! HA! Anyways….

So dinner talk went well and then in typical high school fashion, both sets of “parents” (I say that because my aunt and uncle basically are my parents, I mean I live with them and all) was like “Well you guys don’t have to wait for us. You kids go play some games. Go have fun.” It’s almost embaressing that both sets of “parents” were so determined for us to hit it off. And it is even scarier to know that they are apparently filled him in all about me apparently because at one point he was like, “So I hear you were an all-star basketball player in high school.” To which I replied, “uh….i don’t know about the all-star part, but did play basketball all my life.” HA!

So the games part was a blast!

I must say at this point, one thing I do LOVE about “older” guys is that they are usually a lot more mature and “gentlemanly” than a lot of younger/still college aged guys. Mike was a very sweet guy. He paid for all our games, and gosh did we play a MILLION arcade games and basketball games and skiball. HA! And then he bought us drinks after the games. It was then that we were about to start our drinks when my aunt and uncle came up to us and my aunt was like, “Ashley is on the phone and needs to talk to you” which was actually just her cell phone (no one was on it). So she walked me away to “talk to Ashley” and was like, “Hey, we are about to leave. Are you having fun? Do you want to leave with us? Do you want him to take you home? Do you want us to wait around a little longer for you?” And me, being me, I was like…. “Uhhh…I don’t know…I don’t like making decisions like this….HA!” But I figured…well, I feel bad because he just got us each a drink and I don’t want to not drink it because that would be rude, and I didn’t want to make my aunt and uncle wait on me, so I was like, I’ll just see if he’ll run me home. So he said yes, and we chatted a little longer about all kinds of fun things…such as him being a wrestler in high school, which is cool to me because my brother wrestled, so I’m into that kinda stuff. And we talked about other sports…HA!

So we were leaving and we were going out to his truck and I was thinking “oh HECK yeah!” He has one of those HUGE trucks that is like a million feet off the ground with tires that are taller than me. It was a big ol’ diesel! It’s weird, but I’ve never really given a crap about vehicles, but it was just fun to ride so high up…HA!

So, I got home and one of my favorite parts was seeing all the folks who had IMed me waiting to hear details and when I whipped out my cell phone and saw the missed calls! HA! I have some funny friends!

Overall, Mike was a really nice guy and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him again, but for all those of you who are like my aunt and cousins were when I got home, I’ll put it this way….I don’t fall for guys real easily and I’ve always been more interested in forming friendships with folks first, so I would definitely have to hangout with him more before I could say “I like him.” Or as Becca likes to put it, before I could say, “He’s the one!” ;)


Holly said...

What kind of drink was it? ;)

Melody said...

yes, I would like to know what you were drinking as well. You know, I think your aunt pulled you away to give Mike the "ok" to go ahead and slip the goods into your drink. You weren't violated were you? I hate it when that happens! Anyway, I bet you looked incredibly hot on your date and I REALLY hope you get to "hang out" with him again soon! Guess WHAT!!! I have a crush and he called me today!