Thursday, December 16, 2004

My "Perfect" Guy

Okay, let’s face it—there is no “perfect guy” nor a “perfect girl,” but that doesn’t mean that we can’t imagine what he/she would be like IF they DID exist! ;)

Here is how I look at it: I think it is great to have your list of characteristics that would make up the “perfect” mate and then you just use that list to give perspectives points. For example, for each characteristic that the mate “meets” he/she gets a point, or even more than one point for the more important traits (AKA…the ones that you care about the most). Then, I would say that you should not settle for anyone that doesn’t meet at least half of the possible points available. When you make this list, don’t be afraid to list things that you would be “honored” or view as a “bonus” if the mate had it—I said this was for the “PERFECT” mate! ;)

Things that I look for in a guy (in no particular order):
--Respectful (that is so important)—not only for me, but for people in general.
--Honesty—lairs really upset me
--A good sense of humor (AKA, humor that compliments mine well…HA!)
--Intelligent—I’ll be honest, I know I couldn’t live my life with someone I was always having to explain stuff too! ;)
--Loves people
--Has goals or sees a purpose for his life
--Is not quick to judge
--Loves children
--Most accept the fact that women can play sports too (believe it or not, this is VERY important to me…I can’t stand guys who don’t think girls can play sports)
--A guy that can view a female as an equal (AKA he does not necessarily think he is better than her)
--Loves life—Smiles often (AKA is happy)
--Likes to play sports
--Can relate with people—gets along with folks
--Not a picky eater

We’ll call this the “physical” features that “rock my world” section! HA! (Hey, I said we can list the things that would a bonus in a mate…HA!):
--A goatee…in my opinion, just about ANY guy looks better with a goatee! Oh my goodness I LOVE facial hair…HA HA!
--Strong arms…I LOVE defined arms…DANG!
--Short hair—I just don’t go for the dudes with the longer hair…sorry...HA!


Holly said...

I don't think I'll ever see eye to eye with you on the goatee -- what if they get boogers and/or Ramen Noodles stuck in it?? I like the taste of salt but not enough to eat it from my man's goatee. ha ha! Anyway, I DO however agree with you about the arms -- not too bony, not too flabby. Oh, and my personal fave is abs -- no abs of flab for me por favor. :) But that's the "perfect" man, like you said. hee hee.

Galvanize chaos said...

Your perfect dude list is very similar to my own!
however my guy list also includes forgiving(doesn't hold grudges long), hardworker(he has gotta be able to hold a well paying job of a looong time), not only would i like him to be happy, but also be able to make me laugh alot :)-Gc

Blog ho said...

Actually...I am the perfect guy.

Alvin Hotchkins said...

I think what happens is that our idea of a "perfect" changes and molds according to our needs at the time. Of course, there are the basics that are a good thing to have in common with someone:

Political Views
Family Ideals

But the problem is that those usually aren't discussed until later in the relationship. The first part of the relationship is based on:

Sense of Humor
Good Communication
Overall Attraction

That kind of stuff. Not to mention things like compromising, respect, intelligence, etc... And to complicate the dating process even more, people then add the specific, petty things:

Whether or not they play sports.
What they wear (it CAN be an issue).
What they look like.
What they do for a living.

Usually people look at this less important part of it first (and with more weight), but that's because it's what fits their needs at the time. The reason it can become a problem is that those petty, short-term needs will change. And so will the person.

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