Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Graduate School Semester #1 Top Ten List

So, with Holly turning in our group paper this morning for our Macro class, I have successfully completed all my assignments for my first semester of graduate school!

Now, of course I can't honestly say I have a semester's worth of graduate school under my belt in my opinion until I get those grades in and see that I passed all the courses, but with my success rate of passing classes in the past, I'm not too worried! ;)

So, being FINALLY free...after what has been the roughest semester of my life (for many reasons--not all related to school itself), I have decided to post this Top Ten List which actually is made up of 2 Top Five lists (last time I checked 5+5=10, but I haven't had a math class in a while too! HA!)


The Top Five Things I Learned From my First Semester of Graduate School:

5. It’s possible to have four classes with each consisting of approximately 25 or 28 students and only have a total of 8 different guys in all your classes (so much for finding a man).
4. It is possible to have a professor that you can’t stand with a passion who ends up being the professor whose class you learned the most in all semester.
3. It’s possible to get a hundred percent on an AMAZING 13 page paper you wrote on someone you were suppose to interview, but didn’t get to interview because they died before you got to it.
2. It is possible to get a hundred percent on a 13 page research paper that you wrote in one day that was on a subject that you had no interest in.
1. It is possible to survive a semester at a state school after having spent four of the best years of my life in the ACU "bubble!"

The Top Five Things I Learned from my First Semester of Graduate School (on a more serious note—such as educationrelated things):

5. That a LCSW can do exactly what a psychologist can do (private practice/therapy-wise), except they just can’t charge as much.
4. I learned the importance of looking at situations through the alternative view rather than always the traditional view.
3. I learned that a probe is more than just a tool used in science class and a dirty sounding word.
2. I learned the difference between calling someone “black” and calling someone “African American.”
1. I learned the extreme importance behind empowerment!

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