Friday, December 31, 2004

The Events of 2004!

16-18 – GATA Officer Retreat in Conroe, TX. Jen, Julie, Misty, and Sharon pulling the “Jen and Julie are in a fight” prank over on Dustie, Laura, and me…HA! Playing the game at the kitchen table for hours where we talked about one another. I’ll never forget some of the things that were said about me. Especially some of the things Julie said about me. When she commented on how she had seen one of the internet surveys I had sent out and how she always remembered how one of the questions said “What do you think is the most important thing in the world” and I had answered “Love” and she said that that alone, the fact that I would answer that question like that said a lot about me. And to think I didn’t even think people paid that much attention to those things. Riding back to Abilene with Dustie, Laura, and Misty and coming up with the 2003-04 GATA Officer CD Mix! I still pop in that CD from time to time and think about those girls with “their songs!”

24 – Going to the Galleria in Dallas for the GATA Christmas social. I took Joel Rodriguez, and while I’ll admit, he wasn’t one of my first choices for dates, and while I wasn’t real “thrilled” about it at the time, I’ll admit it did make me feel good after I asked via email….HA….and he wrote me back one of the sweetest emails in which he was SOOO excited that I asked him and about how he had never been asked to a social club social in his 4 years at ACU. Anyways, I had SOOO much fun ice skating! I LOVE ice skating!

28 – I was giving the opportunity to give the “devo/talk” tonight this night at club and I couldn’t have been more excited to get to talk about “motivation”! I’ll tell you what, if I learned ANYTHING from giving that talk it was this: if you want to get that many girls to be TOTALLY silent and pay complete attention to you when you’re talking, include THEM in your speech. That’s right, when the girls know you are randomly picking some of them to be put on the spot and answer the question “what is their motivation for being at club” they will be totally attentive fearing you’ll pick them next and they don’t want to look “silly” in front of a group of peers they respect like their sisters in club. I’ve never seen GATA so quiet and attentive…I’m sure they were too busy thinking about what they would say if I picked them rather than listening to the other girls speak though…HA!

28 – The voting night at club to decide whether we would take a Spring Pledge class or not. Club lasted for several hours that night, and the majority of the night was club being involved in a DEEP discussion about why we should and why we shouldn’t go ahead and take a Spring class even though we didn’t meet our “quota.” I’ll never forget some of the comments shared by my sisters in club that night. Both sides had their arguable points, but I was firmly behind the “to not take a class” side. I’ll be completely honest, I’ve never really been a big fan of speaking up in heavy discussions in class or even club, believe it or not, but that night, after, no joke, approximately 45 minutes of discussion I had gotten so passionate about the fact that I did not believe it was a good idea for us to take a Spring Pledge class that I brought myself to speak up. And I’ll admit, I was so passionate at the time, and honestly so scared that the “wrong decision” (in my view) was going to be made, that I was shaking physically (and if could be heard in my voice), but I threw in my two cents worth at the very end. And while the final decision did go the way I had hoped, I’ll never forget when I was talking after that club outside in the FREEZING cold with Julie and Laura and Julie said to me, “I was not sure that it was going to go well, but when you made your comments at the end I really believed that the decision would go in the right direction! You really grabbed their attention and made them think, which is sometimes very hard to accomplish!” Wow….and to think that came from the president! HA!

--Sing Song practices…I’ll be honest, this was definitely not one of my favorite years at Sing Song practices. I was fighting a battle within myself of being myself and having fun at sing song practices and being the 100% obedient “officer example” I was being pressured to be, especially being positioned in the front of the show where I would be seen by many at practices (yes, I’ve been known to be a distraction). I’ll never forget some of the practices I came to them in the TERRIBLE moods not wanting to smile or talk to anyone! It was like I just so furious that I would stand there and not really sing and just be an ultimate JERK, until practice was over. Then there was the times I’d come to practice eating my canned fruit….HA! But the best part of this year’s practices was the fact that I was surrounded by great folks! Go Becca, Reiff, and Janaye!

19-20 – Sing Song 2004…hmm, so we didn’t do as well as we’d hoped, but we enjoyed our times entertaining the crowds in our Charlie Chaplin outfits! And as EVERY sing song experience, I had a BLAST taking pictures with friends!

--Our basketball intramural game versus the Kojies. I had my BEST intramural basketball game that night. Besides scoring eight points, I played point guard the entire game (which I normally don’t care to play that position), but for once I was fully confident in playing point and I got lucky because the Kojies had some young girl playing defense at the top of the court and, bless her heart, she wasn’t that great, and I schooled her several times in the game by going behind my back or threw my legs. Then I’ll never forget my brother telling me a few days later when he was in town that he had talked to Ashley Clarke (one of his old roommate’s girlfriend who was on the Kojie team) and how she said, “Yeah, your sister could have taken our whole team on by herself.” HA!

21 – finding out that night from my buddy Becca that Charles Trevathan had suffered a heart attack that morning and was in the hospital.

26 – my graduate school interview at UNT for their psychology counseling program. Whoa….that was scary. HA!

27 – the GATA retreat at Butman Camp. What a BLAST getting to bond with my sisters in club! And as for the high-ropes course, I don’t think I would have let anyone else other than my great GATA sisters convince me, a person afraid of heights, to do that! HA!

--Laura’s surprise birthday party at her house! I’ll never forget Holly, Reiff, and I blowing up those TONS of balloons in Laura’s bedroom and writing RANDOM stuff on them! HA!

--GATA formal was fun! I had a little trouble getting myself “put together” for it, but was blessed with help from some buddies of mine—thanks Aracely and JB! It was sad to pass on our offices that night, but I was honored to pass mine on to one of my best friends and was happy to see the group of young ladies that was taking over because I knew it was being given to reliable sisters in club. I was honored to sit at a table with some of my favorite folks for dinner, including my great date of course! Then got to go watch the movie at the paramount. But then I also had a BLAST going out bowling that night with several GATAs and their dates! Holly’s date, Dustin was HILAROUS to bowl and sing stupid songs they were playing on the overhead speakers there with.

8 – my graduation from ACU. Going to the “after gathering” for the morning ceremony and seeing my peers and getting pictures with them! Then going to my own ceremony! LOVING the “after gathering” following my ceremony. Being honestly one of the VERY last people to leave the “mall area” because I was not going to leave without seeing all the people I wanted to see. That including getting my picture with Chucky T!

9 – moving into my Uncle Bob’s house. And it is where I am still at today!

12 – I got to go to the Byron Nelson Pro-Amateur golf classic and watch my uncle golf with the pros. I got within 5 feet of Tiger Woods, too!

26 – Got to watch Fantasia win the final American Idol episode of the third season with my buddy Chris.

4-7 – going to St. Louis for my sister’s high school graduation on Sat. the 5th. She got salutatorian and gave a speech for it.

17-24 – going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with my uncle, aunt, and five cousins. This was my first time to fly and to leave the country. I enjoyed it to the most part, but if the opportunity confronts me again, I’d prefer not going for such a long time. But then again, I’ve never been much of one for the water….HA!

7 – got my first car! My lovely 2000 Toyota Camry that I named Aerosmith and the Sin Wagon, depending on my mood! ;) But don’t worry, she has treated me VERY well, and I put over 10,000 miles on it in less than six months. HA! Guess I need to cut back on some of my trips to Abilene…and of course the two trips to Missouri haven’t helped either!

16-18 – went to Abilene with my mom for Amber Letz and George Ramirez’s wedding. Amber was one of the main reasons I feel in love with ACU my first semester because me and her were almost inseparable our freshman year in the dorm!

5-8 – Went with my uncle, aunt, and cousins to Houston for basically my first time (had only been into the Woodlands to the mall area before that). Went to NASA and Astroworld.

14 – we had “the intruder” break into our house. From that night on, we’ve had to be very careful with locking the doors and letting people in the house know when we come and go from the house. Kinda been a pain in the butt if you ask me. What’s with “bad” people nowadays anyways?!

24 – my first day of graduate school classes at UTA.

6 – I got to stay in Abilene till Monday so I could get to go see Charles Trevathan during his office hours. I had been really wanting to see him and talk to him about how graduate school was going, but I mostly just love getting to sit and chat with him, so I was so happy to see him for the first time since my graduation in May. We chatted for about 40 minutes and then he walked me out to my car and gave me a hug bye and told me to come back in town and stay at his house sometime. This was my last time to see Charles. I only had a few more correspondences via email with him prior to his passing in October.

22 – Holly Herr and myself made a “surprise” trip to Abilene to show up for Valerie Jolly’s Pass the Candle at club that night! We got the surprise Laura Singleton at her house and that was classic!

30 – I substitute taught for the first time in a 2nd grade class and it was a TERRIBLE experience! I almost took myself out of all future subbing because of it. Luckily, I did give it another try a few weeks later and had a better experience the next time!

2 – my uncle and aunt that I live with got married. It was fun and a lot of family came into town for the occasion, so that was cool.

12 – Charles Trevathan passed away from a heart attack in his ACU office. I was on my way up the stairs to my night class at UTA when I received a phone call telling me he had suffered another heart attack, but it wasn’t until about 15 minutes into my class that I got another phone call that was the news of his death. I remained out of class for the next 1.5 hours on the phone with many friends who had thought of me when getting news of his death. I eventually returned to class at our mid-way break only to get my belongings and leave. That night was one of hardest nights I’ve gone through in my 23 years of life thus far, but one things for sure, it was that night that I realized just how precious my friends are and how supportive they are to me. That night alone I talked to nine people on the phone and thirteen people on AIM.

14-17 – went to Abilene for Chucky T’s funeral. It was more of a time of celebrating his WONDERFUL life than mourning, which was a good thing.

15 – my friend and GATA Winter Social date from January, Joel Rodriquez passed away in Abilene, at home. The cause of death was listed as “not having been determined” when the announcement was made, but rumors have been everything from illness to suicide. I’m not sure, but it was sad news to hear, especially only days after the death of Chuck.

22-24 – ACU Homecoming weekend! My first homecoming as an alumnus. Besides the rain on Friday, the weekend was great! Had a blast being with all my fellow GATAs and getting to watch the Homecoming Parade for the FIRST time, since I was in it the past 3 years (and didn’t get outta bed for it my freshman year…well actually, I don’t think I knew it existed when I was a freshman…HA!) Homecoming breakfast and the football game were great too! I was so excited to meet so many of the new pledges! Some way fun kiddos! Then getting to go out with several of my buddies to Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturday night to watch the whole first game of the World Series with my boys the Cardinals and the Red Sox, was a BLAST (even though we lost)!

--For most of October and a little of November, I found myself not quite myself. During the time I viewed myself in a state of depression, though I refused to admit to it to anyone. I would simply admit to not being myself, but would usually just blame it on school stress. But looking back on it, I do believe I was suffering from a sense of depression due to a state of bereavement for the lose of my friend and role model, Chucky T. While I still miss Chuck to this day, I was able to find my old self

--This month was easily one of my busiest academic semesters of my educational career. I had SOOO many projects, finals, and mostly papers to write that I was unable to work basically the ENTIRE month, because I was so bogged down with homework. With MANY hours in research and typing and some sleep deprived nights, I got all of it finished and all turned in on time, as I always do, though I sometimes wonder about my procrastination problems. HA!

24-27 – went to Springfield, Missouri, with my older brother and younger sister to meet up with all of my mom’s side of the family for our big “every-other-year thanksgiving get together.” This was a lot of fun, because I don’t get to see all these relatives that often.

9-11 – I went to Abilene to go to the December graduation to see a lot of my friends graduate! Congrats to them! It was also my birthday on that day so I was so excited to get to spend it with so many of my great friends there! And after the graduation ceremony a big bunch of us went out to Texas Roadhouse to eat and chat and they made me ride the saddle thingy for my birthday…HA!

15 – I got my first grades from graduate school…2 A’s and 2 B’s…not too shabby. This officially gives me the most education in my immediate family.

17 – I got to testify in court on my uncle’s behalf in a small hearing between him and his ex-wife about rights on their children. It was cool to take the stand. I looked at it as practice for in the future when I might have to do it as a therapist asked to testify about a client of mine.

23-29 – went to St. Louis to spend Christmas with my family. Had a GREAT Christmas! Was given way more things in the form of material gifts than I need or deserve, but totally am grateful for the blessings I have received, both the material ones and more importantly, the blessings of friends, family and love.

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