Saturday, September 03, 2005

Friends Are So Good...

Not only do I have my wonderful network of familiar blog signatures (AKA my friends) that have supported me so well through their comments to my blogs, but I received an email yesterday from a fellow GATA sister that I haven't seen or talked to in a quite a while.

I had emailed her a short email Tuesday night to tell her I had thought about calling her all weekend, but didn't get to doing that, but that I was wondering how she was doing. Well, as in most all emails that we send to people that we haven't "caught-up" with in a long time, I also put a short paragraph at the end of the email giving her an idea of what I'd been up to lately. Well, it just so happens that I wrote that email Tuesday night (the night of my "low" day). So I can't remember exactly what I said in it, but I mentioned that I was working in the homeless shelters and how the experience had already brought me to tears because of discouragement issues and confusion and ignorance. Well, she wrote me back an email that just made my day yesterday! This is a portion of it:

I do not think that you are wrong for questioning your abilities to be a therapist, everyone questions their abilities to do great things, but I think that you are wrong for thinking that you would not be a phenomenal therapist. I think that you are being pushed to the limits and in a completely new environment that you have never fully experienced, which of course would make anyone question their abilities to do anything. BUT, when you were born did you know how to walk, or did you know how to talk, living in this world is a completely new experience! I know that I did not know how to do either, but that did not keep me from trying to learn, heck sometimes I still am so clumsy. The fact that you feel so ignorant about things only leaves you vulnerable to everything around you, which could be a good or a bad thing. From my perspective Kim, I think that that is a good thing for you. I think because you were created the way you were, the situation will make you more determined than ever to learn everything that you don't know. Also, if you knew everything already then you would be one of those meanies that sits behind a desk and tells people what do to, one day I hope to be one of those meanies, but in the meantime I just have run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to figure out what in the world I need to learn next so that my boss and everyone around me does not think that I am just a BIG loser. Kim, don't be discouraged, just take everything in stride, just know that all the things that you feel so ignorant about will help you out in the future. In time you will come to discover and learn more about the things that you feel you don't know. In the end you will know so much because you were so determined to change the situation, and that my dear is the way that you will be able to help your patients. They will know, as I know, that you are not just another face in the crowd of their lives, but a caring and wonderful individual that is wants to be more than just their doctor. You want to be their friend. Trust me, your ignorance will pay off!

She's a great friend, not to mention a smart kid! ;)

Thanks, friends!

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GITCHA said...

I second that Kim. Friends are a gift from God. I can't imagine my life without them!