Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Church I Did Go....

I got more than just procrastination towards my homework out of going to church this morning. I'll be honest and say I actually enjoyed the service. The preacher, brother Grady, made some really good points that I had to jot down! One point was a website he shared with us...HA! I HAD to write it down so I wouldn't forget to go check it out!

Now while I'm not one for pessimism and pride myself in my optimistic point of view, I couldn't help but find this website rather humorous, though pretty pessimistic at times! And in all honesty, a few of the "pictures" with sayings on them literally made me laugh out loud! HA!

The website is here, but you can see a sample of one of the "pictures" I loved from it just below:

Some of my other favorites you can go see for yourself on the website and they include:

And while some of these might make you laugh out loud, some of them, including some of the humorous ones, make you think, you know what, that's right if you think about it. I like thoughts like that. One picture in particular from that site that though it is written to be rather negative in it's demeanor, it actually makes a pretty good point in my opinion is the one titled "Underachievement."

While this picture and saying made me think, so did a thought shared by Grady later on in the sermon. I found this thought to be something interesting to think about, so I thought I'd share it with y'all:

Sometimes God calms the storm around His people. Sometimes He calms His people midst the storm.

I just thought that was really interesting.

Grady also ended his sermon by making a very cool point in my opinion. Thoughout his sermon the slides that went along with the lesson included backgrounds of storms. They were really pretty looking backgrounds, with pictures of big billowing clouds, with pretty coloring of light showing through at points in the clouds. But whatever the case, though the pictures were pretty to the eye, the mind was telling you that wasn't a storm you would want to be about to experience.

So it wasn't till the last bit of the sermon that he made reference to the background pictures from the slides. He said, "you probably have noticed the nice background pictures of storms throughout the slide presentation. But what you probably didn't know was that those were all pictures from Katrina. Isn't it amazing how something so appealing can be so devastating. How something so magnificent can have such deadly power." I honestly don't know if I should have quoted that, because I don't recall his EXACT words, but it was something to that extent. But the point he made was so interesting to me. No where in that auditorium I would bet was someone sitting throughout the sermon thinking he had gotten those slide background pictures from Katrina photos, but I thought that was a brilliant idea and a great way to tie something so current to making a reference to God as he did.

He made the point that God is one who can be viewed with such beauty and aww, but it is also important to remember His power.

I just liked his sermon...I appreciate someone who shares good thought provoking ideas as well as can make a smart visual aid to tie things together!

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GITCHA said...

Nice website and funny too! I liked the one labeled Laziness: Success is a journey, not a destination...So stop running!