Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A New Form of Communication?!?

Can I just comment on how extremely interesting, as well as funny, it is that blogging has become a new form of communication between friends, couples, family members, etc. HA!

It is so funny how often you find people writing about someone in their blog WANTING that someone to read it there. Like we accept it as another form of "talking"...HA! Sometimes I think it is used as the first source for communicating that "issue" to that person, but sometimes it is used as another resort. Kinda like, "well, I've tried telling that person, but that didn't seem to work..." or "Okay, I know I can't call that person up and tell them, that won't go over too well, but maybe I'll let them read it for them self here..."

It amuzes me! HA!

But, hey, I'm guilty as are others I know, so no name calling! It's just that it has recently been brought to my attention, so I wanted to note it!

[In no way am I saying it is a bad thing, or necessarily the right thing. I'm just saying it is up to the people involved and the issue at hand...HA!]


FeedingYourMind said...

And you know what's even funnier that I've noticed? It's how you can pick out the blog entries that have been written with someone in particular for the reading audience. It's like, no names are needed, we just know...HA!

Or even funnier, when an author writes one of those blogs and then they get, "were you talking about me?" or "were you writing that with me in mind that you are saying it to me?" HA!

These games all just make me laugh! I love it!

[And once again, I do want to make it clear that I am not laughing to point fingers, I just think it's funny, because I sure do do this too!]

julesforstenholm said...

So, one time you told me that I had stolen your idea for a blog... now, you've done it to me! I have been turning this issue over and over in my mind! It's funny that bloggers do this - post something intentionally, knowing that the person it's directed toward will read it - and yet it seems a bit shady. However, I'm just as guilty as anyone, too! I've done it several times! Oh well... I suppose the ever-changing means of communication will affect the ways we confront people! (I suppose I'm guilty of this because I hate confrontation so much!) Haha! Good points!

FeedingYourMind said...


Well if we aren't competing for the same office we are competing for blog topics! ;)

Well you can rest assured that you are still up...

3-1 in favor of Julie! ;)

Holly said...

I agree with Jules, it is a bit shady.

Holly said...

Though I must admit, sometimes a bit funny -- unless it is something negative that you think is about you. Then not so funny.

julesforstenholm said...

So true, Holly!