Thursday, September 29, 2005

The (True) Scenario:

After a late night the night before, I found myself on limited sleep as I crawled out of bed at 6:40 (when my alarm is set for 6:00 AM and I am supposed to leave around 7 AM). Luckily, I always have my clothes laid out in the bathroom from the night before. Since today was going to be a big day at one of the shelters, I went with one of my so-to-say more professional outfits. Looking pretty well in the bathroom mirror I got completely ready in there and left the bathroom only to go into my dark bedroom to get some socks out of my dresser and put them on in there, since I had forgot to bring a pair into the bathroom the night before. So I sat on my bed in the dark and put them on....

Sure didn't notice until about 9:30 this morning when I was sitting at a desk working on an application and intake form with a client that I happened to glance down and see that I sure was wearing a brown sock with my black one! And it looked GREAT, let me tell you!

Luckily my dress pants are long, so as long as I'm not sitting down, you can't see my socks....

I'm sure my clients today that might have happened to notice my socks got a kick out of it knowing that they are maybe a little more with it than I was today...HA!

Case-in-point #1 (or is it “point-in-case”?)

Isn’t it funny how we can make things that are really so insignificant such a big deal once we notice them, even though they weren’t causing a problem at all before they were noticed?

Case-in-point #2

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes we can appear so “professional” on the outside, but underneath things can still be a little “off?”

Case-in-point #3

Isn’t it funny how being in the “dark” can totally throw things “off” for a person?

(Whoa…that one is deep….think about it…)


Holly said...

That's funny you wrote this b/c I was JUST thinking about some of these same things yesterday -- specifically case in point #2 -- relating to some of my classmates in my Wednesday class.

Mark E. Lopez said...

It helps to go to show how superficial the world is. Things like socks hardly matter at all, especially when brown is so close to black.

(I'm sure a point could be made with horribly dissonant colors, loud shirts, hawaiian patterns at funerals, and whatnot, but there really is, or perhaps should be, a vast category of 'acceptable' in certain situations.)

And it really hardly matters at all what a person looks like on the outside. How they carry themselves and interact, sure - but whether they wear dress shoes or galoshes shouldn't have an effect.