Monday, March 28, 2005

30 Things I Miss

I miss…

…sleeping well at night.
…having home cooked meals.
…not having to find a parking spot to go to school.
…when milk was less than $3 a gallon.
…the friendship I had with my best friend in high school.
…the sense of being a part of a church community.
…not wearing makeup.
…thinking a 4 page paper was SUPER long!
…not living with picky eaters.
…constantly getting to play an intramural sport.
…getting to lay on my bed and talk on the phone with my friends (my cell phone doesn’t work in my bedroom, and that is my form of long-distance calling…too bad most my friends are long-distance).
…my friend Chucky T.
…getting to chat online or call during the day many of my best buddies that are now gone during the day because of student teaching.
…thinking that $1.50 was expensive for a gallon of gas.
…walking across a campus and running into tons of friends when going to my classes.
…not having to worry about what I eat.
…being in my bedroom late at night, at a friend’s house late at night, or taking a walk late at night with a friend and having deep serious talks about things.
…having friends IM me just to chat without reason.
…getting to just lie on my bed and look around my room at tons of pictures of my friends.
…the days when kids rode school buses to school (nowadays it seems like ALL the kids I know get taken and picked up from school).
…homework assignments that was a worksheet of 25 math equations.
…having a variety in what to eat for a meal: wendys, jack 'n the box, mcdonalds, pizza, & taco bell seem to make up my choices it seems like most the time nowadays.
…having tons of friends living within walking distance.
…having roommates my age.
…having the desire to cook a decent meal for myself.
…being disciplined enough and having the time to write personal emails to friends and family (especially folks back home).
…being in shape.
…getting to spend each Wednesday night with 85% of my best friends.
…learning about theories and basing things off theorists as we did in psychology courses.
…singing in chapel.

All of these “misses” have come about due to change. Yes, some of the above things I could make a part of my life again in order not to have to “miss” them, but some of them I can’t have anymore.

Change is inevitable. Change is hard. People find it hard to change their habit, what they are routine to doing, but not only that, change is hard because it brings about the “misses.”

Maybe things change for the good, maybe not so much for the good, but whatever the case, one must learn to adjust and accept change as just that, change. It’s new, it’s different, and look at it like this, most likely, it will change again, so don’t let it get you down too much! ;)

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Suzie Creamcheese said...

hey Kim! Love the post too. Made me jealous. ;)

I'm not sure if this is proper blogging protocol but I wanted to make a comment about an earlier post of your where you said you would consider getting a CS degree if it wasn't for the lack of contact with people.

I think on average, most software engineers spend about 30% of their time on the computer and the rest of the time is talking to customers and clients about what the program requirements, coordinating with managers about budgets, deadlines, and critical decision, and working with other members of the team. Programs that have millions of lines of code require a huge amount of communication between the programmers. It's not possible to get them done without contact with other people!

That's why all of us CS majors have such great people skills. ;) Suzie