Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Stolen Survey

My idea of a perfect guy:
1. hair color : color doesn’t really matter to me
2. eye color: I pay NO attention to eye color
3. height: as long as he is taller than me we are good (Note: this isn’t hard…5’3” makes the cut…HA!)
4. six pack: of beer cans…no thanks….of abs…that’s cool (but not necessary)
5. long or short hair: short…I hardly ever (I won’t say “never”…but hardly ever) find guys with longer hair attractive
6. glasses: hey…it ain’t like a person can control how bad his/her eye sight is
7. piercings: I don’t really care either way…but sometimes they are attractive…it just totally depends on the guy
8. scars: uhhhh…not sure that I know how to judge a guy by his scars…interestin’…
9. eyebrows: yeah…I’d have to say he would need to have these…I hate to be picky..but you know ;)
10. big butt or little: I don’t even want to get into this…I honestly don’t know how to judge a butt…what really “makes” a butt?!?!
11. chest hair: normally not real attractive, but it ain’t like he can help it…I suppose shave it…but who cares…
12. buff or skinny: he doesn’t have to be either. I mean being a bean poll means either eat more or try lifting weights….but being buff would be requiring more of the guy than I require of myself…so I wouldn’t ask for that
13. straight teeth, gap: who wouldn’t want the gap to stick their tongue through….LOL!!!
14. funny or serious: both are a must. Funny most the time, but knows how to be serious too
15. party or stay at home: I normally just like chillin’ at the casa, but partying can be fun too…I’m just not an extreme partier or anything
16. should he cook or bake: that would be a plus…but not necessary
17. should he have a best friend: EVERYONE needs a best friend (and yes, other than his/her spouse)
18. should he have a lotta girlfriends: I wouldn’t say a “lotta”…but he can have some girls who are friends
19. outgoing or shy: outgoing is fun, but I think most everyone can be shy in one situation or another
20. sarcastic or sincere: both are good ;)
21. should he love his mother: well of course, but he doesn’t have to be a mom’s boy or anything like that
22. should he watch chick flicks: who cares….it would be nice, not that I think I actually watch a lot of chick flicks, but you know
23. would he be a smoker: noppers…kissing guys that smoke is nasty…it’s like kissing an ashtray!
24. would he drink: no much…an occasional drink works, but not a big time drinker
25. would he swear: hey…we all do now and then, but “too much” cussing is a big turnoff….especially with certain cuss words…LOL…as if one should be picky between the different cuss words…LOL.
26. would he play with your hair: nah…I’m not much for havin’ my hair messed with
27. one or more girls at a time: uhhh….not exactly sure what this question is asking…but I’m thinkin’ no
28. would he pay for dates: we can split them for all I care….he and I both take turns
29. does he kiss on the first date: totally depends on how that first date goes ;)
30. where would you go to dinner: fast food and bring it back to the house and watch tv…LOL…I don’t like to go out and eat! HA!
31. would he bring you flowers: if he wants too…I don’t care…but I’ll warn ya now, I’m not real good at takin’ care of flowers…so I suppose he would have to bring them often for them to last around the place….HA!
32. would he lay under the stars with you: you know it!
33. would he write poetry about you: TOTALLY…HA!34. would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby: every second we were together! But I’m REALLY fond of “snook-ums”…HA! ;)
35. would he hang out with you and YOUR friends: this is a MUST
36. would you hang out with him and HIS friends: absolutely
37. will he walk you to the door at the end: whatever…I mean I can walk by myself, but if he wants too then that’s cool…then I’ll probably get in that awkward situation of being like… “uhhh…you wanna come in….or you wanna just go…or do I just say goodbye…or do I just keep talking” HA!
38. holding hands: that’s cool…but I’m not real good at that one…HA!
39. soccer: ROCKS for playing….okay for watching
40. baseball: FUN for playing…great for watching
41. basketball: ROCKS for playing…okay for watching
42. football: ROCKS for playing and watching
43. water polo: usually pretty sexy to watch, though playing is tough if you can’t swim…so I hope he can swim…I don’t care to watch him drown (nor would I be able to save him!)
44. surf: not really into that so whatever
45. skateboard: not really
46. snowboard: not sure what I think of it…I’d like to try it I suppose, so if he wants to teach me that’s cool
47. sing: he HAS to love to sing and not be embarrassed to sing. I’m not saying he has to be great at it…but most love music and just singing along!
48. play guitar: that would rock
49. play piano: that would rock too
50. play drums: gets a little loud…but still kinda cool
51. clean his room: that would be helpful
52. paint, draw, sculpt: hmmm…we could have fun with that
53. writes his own music: that’s sweet
54. use the word dude: if he wants too
55. use the word tight: if he wants too
56. would he watch the sun rise with you: yeah, but my eyes would be closed and I’d probably be snoring ;)
57. what kind of car does he drive: whatever floats his boat
58. how old is he: I’ve always had this thing about age….he has to be at least my age, most likely older, but not TOO much older…I’m not going to say a cutoff age…but pushing 6-8 years older is getting a bit too old
59. what would his name be: Mortimer

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