Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Holly's survey....(that means I took the survey from her, not that these are her(r) answers! HA!)

1.What’s the biggest misconception about you?
That I’m not a hugger. I’m not a hug initiator, but I love hugs!

2.What’s something you've learned about the world?
That the world makes things so easy to be taken for granted. The world can keep you so busy that you don’t have time to be fascinated by some of the things within it. We can take money, food, shelter, our cognitive functioning (Terri Schiavo), etc. all for granted. But not only things like these sorts, but people as well. Many times we take people for granted and before we know it, they can be taken out of your life by moving away, simply losing touch, or even harder, by death. Oh how we can so easily take anyone for granted and then they will slip right out from under us. It can be anyone: a friend, a family member, a teacher, a co-worker, an attorney (Mr. Johnnie Cockran), etc.

3. Songs that you think have good messages:
Baz Luhrmann—Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen);
Black Eyed Peas—Where is the Love?;
Bobby McFerrin—Don’t Worry Be Happy;
Christina Aguilera—Beautiful;
Green Day—Time of Your Life;
Josh Groban—Believe;
Leann Womack—I Hope You Dance;
Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston—When You Believe;
Michael Jackson—Heal the World;
Michael Jackson—Man in the Mirror;
Michael Jackson & Friends—We Are the World;
Switchfoot—Dare You to Move;
Tim McGraw—Live Like You Were Dying;

4.What’s something that a lot of people don’t know about you?
Honestly there isn’t anything that comes to mind right off the bat. I’m really a very honest and open person, so I can’t think of something that you probably haven’t already read about me through my blogs already…HA!

5.Tell us about a dream you’ve had while sleeping.
Okay, I don’t know WHY I’m putting this one, because it is VERY disturbing and EASILY the scariest dream I’ve ever had, and it was just last week, but since I hardly ever remember my dreams, this limits my choices, so here goes…and this will be the condensed version…SERIOUSLY, do not read the rest of this dream question thingy if you don’t want to read about rapes and murders.

[Note: the characters that were in this dream were no one from my real life, so that’s good. I didn’t know these people, however I obviously did in the dream…make sense?]

So I was getting out of a night class with one of my friends who rode with me (she was a next door neighbor, as well as best friend’s with the daughter of the lady I was living with…weird, I know). It was night obviously and we got in my car and this guy came up to her passenger side window, so we put down the window a little bit to see what he wanted and that’s when (somehow…I don’t know how) he reached in and managed to get the door open and then tried to attack us both, but somehow, I don’t really remember, he ended up only rapping my friend, and not me, and then got away, so here I was in the car with my friend who was dying, like she was about to die, and I didn’t know what to do, and I like panicked and instead of taking her somewhere I just took us home and took her out to the garage (which was apparently where I lived in this house…the lady had fixed up the garage into a bedroom for me) and I laid her on my mattress which was on the floor and she was seriously dying, and I was scared and for some ODD reason I think I felt like I was going to be to blame for her dying, so instead of having to watch her die or whatever, I killed her.

(isn’t this HORRIBLE!!?!?!)

I won’t go into detail of how I killed her (you can ask me if you really wanna know…HA!) but then I just kinda covered her up with my sheets and then went into the living room to wait for the mom and daughter that I lived with to come home. It was weird because I was sitting in there worried about how I would tell the daughter that her best friend was dead, so when they came home we all just kinda chilled in the living room watching tv and I eventually took the mom aside, after the daughter had been talking about her best friend for quite a while, and I told the mother to go out in the garage and see it.

In the end I don’t remember a lot of what happened, but it was like the mom wasn’t mad at me, nor was she upset, she was just like me, just worried about if her daughter found out about her best friend being killed. So the mom actually got in on it with me and was all about trying to “cover-up” this death and help me to keep it from the daughter.

You can not tell me that isn’t one of the most DISTRUBING dreams you have EVER heard!?!? I remember waking up all sweaty and literally wigged out? It was kinda funny though because I was sweaty and scared and at first I was like, CRAP, I didn’t pee the bed because I was so scared did I?!?! But don’t worry...i hadn’t…HA! Anyways, that was just the STRANGEST dream!

6.How's your schoolwork for you right now?
Uhh…actually the same as it always is…papers still waiting to be started a couple days before they are due, textbooks that haven’t been opened since the day I bought them, etc. But either way, I’m still making the grades that suffice for me. A’s and B’s. I mean I KNOW if I wanted to I could get better grades, but I am happy to sacrifice an A here or there for something else that has more value to me in life. Let’s face it, some things in life ARE more important than a school grade (and I’m not talking partying here).

7.If you were divinely given the opportunity to live 500 years, would you take it?
I don’t know. Probably not. That’s a little too much time. I ain’t scared of death, so what’s the big deal whether it is in 70 years, 2 years, or 450 years? If you are living each day to it’s fullest, you don’t need another day, period!

8.What song(s) would you want to be played at your funeral?
HA! This is funny because I’ve always been a person that thinks about my funeral ALL the time. HA! It’s funny how most girls think about their wedding and I think about my funeral! I always say a girl isn’t promised a wedding in life, but she is promised a funeral. HA! Anyways, believe it or not, I had a few times before written out things like songs I want at my funeral and even went as far as to write out like pawl-bearers (sp?) and stuff like that, but I wasn’t able to find that old paper, but I DID find one of the other ones that I had written just songs for the funeral on. Most importantly is my song that I ALWAYS joke about that I want played at my funeral and it is, Lionel Richie’s “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” (and it continues and goes, “you will never, never, never, know me…” HA! You can’t say that isn’t funny!?!) But the other songs on the list include: “The Dance” by Garth Brooks; “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill; “So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boys II Men; and “The Greatest Command” the churchy song, you know, the one that goes, “Love one another, for love is of God, he who loves is born of God, and knows God…” I have always LOVED that song, and I love love, so you know! ;) I look back at that list of songs now and some of them I might change, but maybe not, just depends I suppose…HA!

9.Do you stay in bed thinking or do you fall asleep in 5 seconds?
TOTALLY depends on the night, mostly a thinker, and sometimes it will last WAY to long and I just REALLY need to go to sleep, but if I’m wiped-out I can be knocked out in minutes.

10. What is something you would like to learn more about?
Just about everything. HA! I love to learn new things! No really, if I have to name a couple things:
Religions (Misty already signed up for helping me with Catholicism!)
Computers and programs (computers fasinate me…I love playing on them)
People (nothing intrigues me more than wonderin why people do what they do and how it can be altered)

11.What do you miss from your past?
See my blog from March 28th.

12.What are your goals in life?
To make a difference in the lives of those I come in contact with.
To be happy everyday with what I got.
To succeed in the career path that I end up with, whether it be counseling, writing, teaching, or garbage collecting.


Holly said...

Good post - hee hee. Nice dream. I'm glad the mom wasn't THAT mad at you. heh.

Anonymous said...

Hey, email me the website that you post the wedding pics on and I will post the ones I hvae too. Just let me know when and where! -Katey