Thursday, March 17, 2005

My Little Brother is HILAROUS (and he's coming to visit...I pick him up on Saturday!)

HA! So humor seems to run in my family. My little brother is a HOOT! He is 14.5 (will be 15 in June) and a freshman in high school. I wanted to share this email he sent to my older brother, Jeremy, who is 24 and a youth minister living here in Texas. Jeremy passed this email on to me because it was soo funny! HA! My little brother sent the email on March 12th.

My bad i havent checked my e-mail in like........ I can't remeber lol. Mom is always yelling at me to check it i just keep forgeting. I have so much stuff going on right now and lately. I have a 5 page research paper due in english, a honors project in english that is 5 paragraphs, a book report, and a 30 word vocab quiz ALL JUST IN ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention my tests all over the place before spring break. Well to much about that, how is life going. Mine is crazy!!! A lot of warcraft frozen throne battle net and civilazation.

My sports is still roaring hard!!! I finally got done with b-ball like the first week of Feb. I got one week to rest and in comes track lol. We are running so much man!!!!! Miles and miles of running, it is killing me. Sprints, stairs, weight lifting (mostly leg stuff) but still, these things called cycles and so on. My muscles in my bottom hurt I didn't even know u had that much muscle in your bottom. LOL!! Can't wait till summer man I will be done with Freshmen days and into Sophmore days. It sounds so little compared to you, Kim, and Jayme. You guys are like OLD LOL!!!!!!! Just playing. Speaking of that man I'm almost 15!!!!! So close. I can get my permit at 15 (even though dad probably won't LET ME) All my friends are getting their permits it is just tizight lol. Dude I have to start checking my e-mail more or else I'll never be able to find out what is going on outside of St. Louie. Speaking of St. Louis I'm so ready to get out of St. Louis and move to Texas!!!!!! But knowing us I won't be able to be in Texas until college.

Ok this is starting to get long dang I can write a long letter who would have though lol. But man I dont know im crazy. I heard Jayme was with u for her spring break last week. Thats tight my spring break isn't till the 18!!!

Ok im out man this is long for me. So tell everyone I said hi. I don't know when I'll be able to write Kim because it is late and I have to go so see ya!!

Your little bro

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