Thursday, March 10, 2005

And the Fun Shall Begin....

Whelp, I must first apologize for the lack of blogging lately (and no, survey's are really much of blogging...I'm talkin' about "good" blogs that have some quality in the writing). I have been amidst one of my BUSIEST weeks of graduate school yet. This week was mid-terms (the week before Spring Break) and I had an 8-10 page paper, an exam, and a group presentation ALL due in my only two classes on Monday, and then today I have a mid-term exam in one of my classes, so this week was BUSY! And of course with all that due on Monday, it made for a BUSY end of last week and the weekend in preparation for Monday, soooo....not much good blogging....I apologize.

Now, in reward for making it through this week (and doin' it in such good fashion might I add--I think I did GREAT on the tests and paper), I am heading out to San Antonio tomorrow morning with my buddy Holly and we are meeting two of our other buddies, Brandi and Cheryl, there for a weekend of fun!

This will be my first time to visit San Antonio and I'm SOOOO pumped because ever since coming to Texas for school, besides Dallas, which I'd been to several times, the only other places I REALLY wanted to see was Houston and San Antonio. I've currently visited Houston 3 times now so it was just San Antonio left! [I've never really had an interest in Austin, BUT, since we have to go right through it on the way to San An tomorrow, I think Holly and I might stop off there for a bit just so I can say I saw it.

After the fun in San Antonio, I think Sunday afternoonish we are heading up to Abilene for a couple days. Heck, we are on spring break, what's better than seeing your friends on spring break?!?! We're hoping to catch a GATA softball game either Monday or Tuesday night, but we'll see.

So, this is my in advance apology for lack of blogging for the next few days. BUT...I hope to be back in full force blogging next week when I come back since I'll still be on spring break. And y'all know how I LOVE to blog!

Till then...."keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!" ;)

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