Sunday, March 20, 2005

Guys, Are the Rumors True?

Okay, I need to have some of the rumors set straight as “truth” or “myth.” I’ve always heard these rumors about what kind of girls a guy prefers or what kind of girls a guy finds attractive, and which girls are a turnoff to a guy. Of course, I realize that it isn’t going to be the same for all guys, but I still wonder how much truth is behind some of these “rumors.”

If you’re a guy, leave me your feedback to these thoughts. If you’re a girl, send all your guy friends to this website and encourage their feedback. Also, if you’re a truly informed girl, feel free to let me know what you might know on these issues. I’ll admit, I’m not real “informed”…HA!

Remember guys (as well as girls), you can post comments anonymously if you want. Don’t worry if you feel your answer or comment might be the unpopular choice….if it is the truth, let us know!

Truth or No Truth….

1. Guys find girls who act ditzy attractive.
(I heard this a lot growing up, like in high school, that guys think when a girl acts, “Uhhh, like, I don’t know”…it is attractive. I personally don’t understand this if it is the case. I find ditziness to be annoying, and I view it in a sense as stupidity and stupidity is definitely a turnoff in a guy for me)

2. Guys would rather not date a girl that has more educational background than he.
(So since I’m working on my Masters, does this mean I’m limiting my guy choices to men with Masters or doctorates? Does a guy view himself “weaker” if the woman has a higher level of education than he?)

3. Guys find a girl in a ball cap as a turnoff.
(Hey, I HAD to ask! HA!)

4. Guys like girls who are in shape, but not necessarily athletic.
(AKA guys don’t dig girls who are into sports, such as watching them on television and knowing statistics and such)

5. Guys won’t date a girl who can beat them in a sport.
(Does this go back to the guy’s need their dominance?)

6. Guys will always pick the girl wearing make-up first, before the girl without make-up.
(So long to the “natural” look, huh?)

7. Guys judge a girl more on her outward appearance than personality.
(i.e. chest and butt)

Tell us the honest truth, fellas. We ladies need some clarification! ;)

And ladies…if there are some other rumors that I’m forgetting about that we need some clarification on, let me know in the comment section and I’ll be sure to add them! ;)


Holly said...

Sometimes I wonder if guys judge girls based on what food's they eat? Like a salad or Big Mac (I'm the Big Mac!). Oh well. Who knows! All people are different I suppose.

Jacob said...

This may or may not be creepy, but I just stumbled upon this blog by hitting that Next Blog button and I suppose that I could add my guyness to the conversation. Granted, I'm only 18 years old and don't have a lot of what the vulgar would call "experience," but you asked and I'll answer.

A lot of these are myths for some guys, and truths for others. I hate to break this to you, but you'll still have to sift through the idiots and the not-quite-as-stupids when it comes to guys. But here are my answers:

1) Absolutely not. I cannot stand a ditz, no matter how physically attractive she is. I can't imagine dating someone I couldn't have a conversation with.

2) I think that'd be fantastic - probably because I'm a high school senior and the thought of a learned college girl excites me.

3) Depends on who is wearing it. I think it can be quite cute.

4) Two words: soccer girls.

5) See above.

6) Personally I'm not a big fan of makeup, especially when applied in liberal amounts.

And to the food one: I might judge a girl that is ashamed of eating, although I will poke fun at a girl eating more than me. Well, only if I know she isn't insecure.

So anyway, there are my responses, atypical as they may be. (I'm a bit of a feminist, which is an unpopular philosophy with guys, to my knowledge.)

FeedingYourMind said...

Awww...that's a good one Holly!

Jacob: Thanks so much for your comment! I'm glad to know a lot of these are apparently just that "rumors". Also, I think probably while you were posting your comment I added a #7 rumor, so if you come back here, feel free to respond to that one! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I like internatinal women...

1) Guys think ditzy girls are easy to get in bed with.

2.) The smarter you are, the better.

3.) Girls in baseball caps, jerseys, etc. is sexy.

4.) I agree with girls.

5.) As long as it isn't football.

6.) I prefer girls who are pretty without makeup. That way you know how they look like when they wake up in the morning. Some girls are ugly without make-up (see Cameron Diaz).

7.) It depends on what the guy is looking for. If he really wants a serious relationship, her inner beauty will outshine everything. If he just wanna smash, outward appearance is everything and the only thing

Anonymous said...

I just want everyone to know that the last comment, which was marked anonymous, is actually Ryan Colby Felder. He can be reached on AIM at Ryn2k1 or at

Anonymous said...

**international** (Janaye was distractiong me)

Anonymous said...

Next time you wanna spend the night, let me know ahead of time...OK?

Anonymous said...

1. Stupid girls are just that: STUPID
2. I find higher education sexy
3. It depends on the girl
4. One of the best looking girls on campus (in my opinion) plays on the women's basketball team. Her calves are ridiculous.
5. There are a lot of sports I am not good at…
6. Absolutely not
7. Initially, yes