Friday, March 25, 2005

Now THAT's a Funny Shirt!

If you know me, you know two things that are very dear to my heart are humor and t-shirts, so what’s better than those t-shirts with humorous sayings on them?!?! Trust me, I’ve much rather have a home-made t-shirt that has something funny written on it than a $40 shirt from American Eagle. And while I’m not much of a mall attendee, IF I have to be there, I do love slowing up at those stands that are out in the middle of the malls with the funny t-shirts on them, however, while those are normally pretty funny, many of them have “dirty” connotations, which I’m not such a big fan of. Lately at work I’ve been taking close notice at the cool little catalogs that come in in the mail for funny merchandise, and many times they include humorous shirts. Of course, if you know you most likely know also that I’m pretty tight with my money when it comes to some things, ESPECIALLY clothes, so like heck I’m going spend the $14.95 (+$4.95 for shipping and handling), so I’m just going through these catalogs and finding the funny ones I like then going to go have them made at my local embroidery shop for cheaper, PLUS this way I can pick out my own t-shirt color as well as color and font and stuff like that for the lettering!

So…here are some of the sayings I’m looking into having made on t-shirts. Some are straight out of the catalogs; however, being enlightened with my own sense of humor, I have changed up some of the saying from the advertisements to make them more like how I would like them.

1 I identify with Dorothy…
I seem to only attract men who are cowards,
Have no heart, or are in the need of a brain!

2 Guess which one of the seven dwarfs I think you are?

3 You probably don’t recognize me without my cape.
(a picture of a little superhero with a cape on printed below the saying)

4 I [heart] Mondays!
Hey, the medication is working!

5 Smiling on the outside—
Berserk on the inside

6 Talk fast.
My day pass is almost over.

7 If I’m talking
You should be taking notes.

8 Save trees:
Don’t assign homework

9 Short people have feelings too!

10 Of course I’m in great shape—
I play rock, paper, scissors.

11 I never make mistakes.
I thought I did once,
But I was mistaken.

12 The villagers are coming
With torches and pitchforks.
Please hide me!

13 Out of insanity
comes brilliance.
(or was it the other way around?)

14 Honorary

15 Have you seen my marbles?

16 (A) Jenius
(Hey, I didn’t say PERFECT!)
(B) Jenius
(Hey, I can’t be perfect too!)
(C) Jenius
(Hey, I’m not PERFECT!)

17 If you don’t have
something nice to say,
a blank stare usually
gets the point across.

18 Stupid people make my brain sad.

19 Sarcasm,
Just one more service I offer.

Now what are your other two wishes?

21 Dain bramaged

22 I love your smiling face.
I can see myself in your teeth.

23 The last thing I want
to do is hurt you.
…but it’s still on the list.

So, which ones do you like the most? Which would you want to wear? Which do you think would be best for me?

My FAVORITES are probably numbers….3, 6, 7, 8, 12, 16(B), 21, 22, & 23.


Holly said...

ha ha... I love funny t-shirts, and especially the ones you've listed! I'd have to say my faves from the list are: 21, 14, 11, & 8. I think my overall fave would have to be the "Honorary Oompa Loompa" one. hee hee. They're all cool though!

Brandi Jo said...

hahahahaah!!! if you ever do any of these t-shirts, please ya gotta let me know. i love them all...the oompa loompa one is awesome, as well as 18-21, 1, 2, 5,6,8,14,and 17. yeah, i like alot of them!! i miss ya.

Anonymous said...

"Trust me, I’ve much whether have a home-made t-shirt that has something funny written on it than a $40 shirt from American Eagle." I think you meant to say rather here, instead of whether. All of the sayings are great Kim! Post a blog with the sayings you actually get done!

FeedingYourMind said...

Anonymous: I'll get right on that correction. Thanks! were my 1000th visitor to my site...thanks, pal! ;)