Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cabo Day #whatever

I've lost track of what day in Cabo I'm on....and I've basically lost track of what the day is period. HA! Sometimes these vacation things get a little too long in my opinion...oh well. Only a few more days still (I think...HA!)

Yesterday was Bake-the-Americans day! AKA...we went snorkeling. They took us on this little boaty thingy about 1.25 hours out (sun the whole way) then we "snorkeled" for 30 minutes, then the 1.25 hours trip back. Let's face it...it was like 3+ hours straight sun...I lookin' good, folks! ;)

The snorkeling for a person that doesn't swim was fun fun...let me tell you! ;) It was basically as it was last year for me: I jump in, and having been in the sun for more than an hour, the water is like freezing to the body, so it sucks the air right outta me...AKA i look like I'm hypervenalating (sp?). Brandon was looking at me and was like, "Are you okay"...HA! I was like, "yeah, just gotta catch my breathe" HA! Believe it or not, the can't swim girl spent most the time in the water consoling the two little girls who were all wigging out. For what reason you ask? I don't know! HA!

So on the trip back I was beginning to feel the waves and the too much sun! As about half our group of 10 was...HA! Luckily for me, as soon as I got back into some shade I felt fine again (however that wasn't the case for all of them!) HA!

Then late last night around about 11:30 PM we went down to the ocean to watch the ENORMOUS waves from the high tide! It was CrAzInEsS!!! They were SOOO big and crashed into the shore sounding like thunder!

As for today...it was another lazy day! We hit the shops in town again (as we had the other day). Besides that and eating at a couple places today, that has been the extent of today. However, it is Darla's birthday today (she turned 28) so tonight her and I are going out on the town! You know me, I'm sure I'll get into all kinds of trouble! ;) Especially if it goes like last year's night out on the town! HA!

Anyways, I'm gonna end this entry with probably one of my most favorite parts of the vacation: I've successfully eaten guacamole (or avacado slices) with EVERY meal! HA! You can't come to Mexico and not get some guac! Now that's what I'm talking about! YUMMY! They eat guac with EVERYTHING here and that makes ME happy, however most of the family I'm here with won't touch the stuff (more for me!)....HA!

So, who out there loves their guac!?!?!? ;)


Katey said...

One of the 825 Alive crowd used to eat avacados like it was her job... yeah, I'm talking about you Mrs. Paulk. I didn't even know how to pick a ripe avacado until grocery shopping with Sarah. She definitely would agree with you on the guac deal in Mexico Kim.

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous.

you're in cabo.

i'm in this God forsaken, barren wasteland known as cisco, tx.

you suck. i officially hate you.