Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cabo Day #2

So today was basically just another easy-going day. I got to sleep in till 9:30 while the padres took the kiddos to a breakfast which was provided through a tour they were about to take. When the actual tour thingy began they brought the kids back to stay with me while they did that part.

The tour consisted of like an hour thingy where they take you throughout the hotel complex we are staying in and show you what they have to offer in hopes that you'll purchase a time-share. We did the same thing last year, because it is one of those package deals where if you do the tour with the sales people you get a package of like discounts on things like snorkeling trips, massages, and couples night parties out on one of the boats in town.

Well it ended up that this year my uncle went ahead and purchased one of the time-shares, and it is actually going to be in the new building of the complex that is currently being constructed next door to this one, but it will be finished by time the annual family trip takes place next year.

Well, while they were on the tour, I took the kiddos and we hit the beach. We chilled down there till the parents came down around about 2 PM. Then we ate some lunch and chilled some more at the pools and beach.

Around 5 PM the padres left for their night out on the "adult" party boat that they got through their tour this morning. So I got to plan nanny for the night. That was okay with me though. The youngest kiddo (age 3) fell asleep since he is sick and the second youngest kiddo (age 6) just acted nuts all night (that's nothing new for her) and the rest of us played one of my FAVORITE games, Pit, all night! We played from about 5:45 PM till 9:15 PM. Go us!

Now I have to kiddos in the room watching a movie while I am chillin' (literally gets cool here at night, because of all the wind) on the balcony writing this blog.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day, and I'm honestly not really looking forward to it...SNORKELING. I was really hoping we weren't going to do this this year, since it didn't go over real big last year...but at least this year we are doing it with a different "company"...AKA hopefully it won't be as long...HA! Gotta love snorkeling when you can't swim! So, you might want to say a little pray for me tomorrow, or, in the words of my good buddy, Misty, "cross your fingers for me" if you're not a prayer! HA! ;)

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