Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Today's Significance!

Today represents a day of many congratulations for me. Well, that’s congratulations FROM me to other folks!

First, I must wish Happy Birthday to two friends!

Happy 23rd Birthday to my buddy from high school, Susan Meierhoff! She’s always been one of those “youngin’s” in our grade, but that sure never held her back on a intellectual level…HA! Always leading the way in the brilliance! ;)

Happy 22nd Birthday to Meg Shearon! Meg’s a cool kid that I got to know at ACU, and lets face it, us “non-Texan” ACU students like to support one another! ;)

I hope both you ladies have a GREAT birthday today!

On another note, June 21st is also another anniversary of an event, though this time not in the birthday of a individual, but in the birth of a union between two people.

On June 21, 1975, my parents tied the knot! ;)

So, if you do the math, that puts today as their 30th wedding anniversary!

Let’s face it folks, a marriage lasting 30 years in today’s society is something to celebrate! Two adults, with four kids and not a lot of money, 30 years later are still waking up together—congratulations! Of course, you got to take into consideration who these kids are—some of the cream of the crop in my opinion, but still! HA! ;)

In the 23 years I’ve had to get to know this couple (HA…I say it like they are some strangers or something…HA!) I can honestly say they’re good parents who were dedicated to raising good children. If there is anything I’ve learned through growing up under my parents it was that you don’t have to have money to raise a good family.

My parents taught us kids to be grateful for what we have, to respect others, the importance of education, and to give our best in whatever we do in our life. They raised us in the Church of Christ and pushed us to continue our education in a Christian environment, even when they knew it would cause it’s strains on our family financially (however, had they not instilled in us the importance of education early on, we wouldn’t have gotten the scholarships that allowed us to be able to afford an education at ACU).

Overall, my parents have spent 24 years of their past 30 together raising children, and for that I’ve grateful. I don’t know, maybe having four kids can give two parents enough stuff to stay focused on that they are able to forget their own problems and it makes for a longer marriage, but the majority of me is saying that isn’t the case, I think it takes two highly dedicated individuals and loving people who know what they want in life!

Congrats to my folks on 30 years together!


Holly said...

Great post, Kim!

Amanda said...

I just saw your comment on my blog. I haven't been keeping up with it. Your right about the Stros, not only are they going to fall behind the Cardinals their falling behind the whole division. Oh well, I still love'em. It's good to hear from you.

Sarah P said...

Yeah to your parents!

Hope all is well with you. It's been for-freakin-ever.

We should take a road trip to A-town soon. Time for a reunion.