Thursday, January 27, 2005

AIM Conversation 1-27-05 I'm in the UTA library right now and I am chatting with Holly online and I just HAD to share this fun part of our conversation with y'all! Enjoy...

Me: oh gosh...
Me: a group of like 4 white young lookin' chicks just came to the pod of computers over from me...
Me: and they are annoyingly loud
Me: probably freshman
Me: lol
Holly: jerks
Me: i should walk over....
Me: look at one of them in the eyes...
Me: and throw up on her
Me: that should shut her up ;-)
Holly: That would definately shut me up
Me: lol......
Me: i'm trying not to "laugh out loud"...
Me: so my eyes are watering
Holly: LOL
Me: how embaressing
Holly: Go over to them, moon them, and fart
Me: just rip a big long loud one right ;-)
Holly: lol...i got a good mental image of the barf on her
Holly: lol
Me: lol

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