Saturday, January 22, 2005

Some Websites Worth Visiting

Here is blog you’ll want to refer to when you’re bored outta your mind. ;)

Here I’ve listed some of my favorite internet sites. Believe it or not, while I practically LIVE at my computer, I don’t surf the internet much, actually. If I’m on my computer I’d say 95% of the time I’m either instant messaging, checking email, blogging, or reading friends blogs (I have a lot of those to keep up with…HA!). I’m not one to just randomly go search around on the internet.

I got all the websites you’ll see below out of my “favorites” folder. Some of them I haven’t been to in MONTHS if not YEARS, but I went through those sites to see what I wanted to share with y’all! My favorites are the online tests. I LOVE learning about myself and I find the best way to do it is through tests/scales such as personality tests and IQ tests and stuff like that.

(These are probably my four favorite of the self-assessment tests) (obviously this is an IQ test. It takes 13 minutes to take. I’m not sure exactly how accurate this is for an IQ test, but I was satisfied with my results! HA!) (this is one of those temperament tests. You get those 4-letter results like ESFJ or something like that) (this is the Big Five Personality assessment. This one is very accurate if you ask me. The Big Five are five key characteristics that describe a persons personality. This one was recommended by one of my college professors.) (this is my absolute FAVORITE of ALL the tests. The only thing is it takes like 45 minutes to take if I remember correctly, but it is WELL worth the take. VERY accurate results. It will tell you the top 5 strength areas of your personality. This one was recommended by one of my college professors. When you go to the site, it is called the “Signature Strengths Survey”)

[Be sure to let me know, via comment/AIM/email what you get if take some of these tests. I’ll share my results with you as well, ESPECIALLY if you take the Authentic Happiness Assessment. I just LOVE that one!]

(Some other self-assessment tests)


Others: (this is a fun site if you are an Abilene person. You can look up people’s houses in Taylor county and it will tell you how much they are worth. HA! Holly and myself liked looking up our professors houses and seeing which professors seem to be loaded! HA! It seems like the Bible professors make the most…imagine that at ACU! HA!) (These are WAY fun for prank phone calling!) (this is a website I heard about from my cousin who heard about it on the news. You have to be a Yahoo email account holder I believe, but other than that it is free. You sign-up to join your community’s list and then you can post things to give away for free or get things for free from people in your area. Just stuff people are trying to get rid of. Everything from little things to big things like furniture. It’s pretty cool. All you have to do is email the person who posted it and tell them you want it and be willing to go pick it up.) (this if the site to find sex offenders in your area if you live in Texas. You just type in your zip code and it brings up the names of the sex offenders there. You can see pictures of them, get their addresses and even find out what their crime was. It’s sad how young some of the offenders are on there. FYI…if you didn’t know, sex Offenders have to register with the state and are posted for public listing. So check up on your neighborhood!) (I just learned about this site this week from the site being written on the back of a dollar bill I had. You can go here and enter the serial number off your money and it traces where it’s been if that serial number has been listed on the site before.) (these are some fun and funny away message for big AIMers like myself) (here is for all you beer drinkers out there. HA! You can take this test to see if you know your beers by their bottles…HA!) (you can go on here and rate your high school teachers. Pretty cool!) (you can go on here and rate your college professors. Pretty cool!)

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