Thursday, January 20, 2005

Day #1 Of Back to School

An overview of my first day back to school for my second semester of graduate school work.

The Pessimistic View:
--There is never any parking for 2 PM classes unless you want to get there 35 minutes early.

--My 2 PM professor kept us the whole time on the first day of classes!

--The classroom was SOOO hot!

--The professor turned the fan down because it was too loud for him to talk over.

--I have homework already.

--I ate dinner between my classes at 5:15ish and I ate the entire Jumbo Jack combo meal from Jack ‘N the Box and still was really hungry again by 6:30 in my class.

--I get on a computer in my Technology class (my 6 PM class) that doesn’t have AIM downloaded on it, so I have to use AIM express, which sucks.

--I try to use AIM Express but there is a stupid “pop-up blocker” blocking it from coming up, so I have to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out where the “pop-up blocker” on this computer is so I can turn it off. Granted I’m having to do all this while trying to not look at the screen since we weren’t using the computers today in class and I wanted to make it appear as if I was paying attention to my professor.

--The internet is booty-slow on the computers in our lab.

--Once again, homework after the first class.

The Optimistic View:
--I ended up getting to school really early since it was my first day, so I didn’t have much trouble finding a parking spot at all.

--I got to my first class and was in the right room.

--I got into class and knew people!

--A friend from last semester came into class and sat by me and was like, “I’m supposed to tell you hi from a girl at my dentist office who went to ACU and said she knows you. Her name is Sarah and she just got married, but I can’t remember her last name.” That’s a cool feeling, even though I have no idea who it could be, at least people know me. HA!

--I was lucky I had ended up wearing a t-shirt with a jacket incase it got cold, instead of going with a long-sleeved shirt or a sweatshirt as I had originally planned to wear, since it was warm in the classroom.

--I got a call from my buddy Janaye, or should I say my “superior” (as she reprogrammed her name into my address book on my cell phone as “your superior” so it shows up like that when she calls!), when I was in class and she left me a fun voicemail.

--Our final in my 2 PM class is just the big final paper in the class. Other than that, no final examination.

--The only other grades in the class are just two simple 2-page papers and a mid-term examination.

--I’ve had this professor before so I know what to expect.

--I got to go get Jack ‘N the Box and sit out in the lovely weather at a picnic table with Holly as we ate dinner together and our buddy from first semester, LaQuita, showed up and sat with us.

--My 6 PM class is Technology and we all know I feel right at home behind a computer screen!

--I was able to successfully surf the net, bring up AIM Express, check some blogs, etc all during class without the professor noting it. I love sitting in the back!

--I have several friends in this class as well!

--My 6 PM class is a "pass/fail" class!

--I got a phone call and voicemail from my buddy Dawn from at work during this class because she wanted to thank me for coming up to work last night and chillin’ with her since she was having a really rough night.

--We got out of Tech. class at 7:30 PM instead of going the whole time till 8:50.

Have you ever realized how any particular situation can be viewed in a pessimistic or an optimistic light? It just depends on which view you choose to take. So, let it be as you’d want it to be: pessimistic or optimistic. It really is up to you!

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