Tuesday, January 04, 2005

This Is Me -- Part 2

This volume of “This is Me” is all genuine statements about myself (unlike the first volume). There is just so much to know about me that I don’t have room for “made-up” stuff! ;)

11. I was involved with stealing something from the mall with my cousin when I was probably about…uhhh….maybe 10 or 11 years old. We didn’t have enough money to buy both the cassette singles we wanted from the store, so we paid for my “Black and White” by Michael Jackson and then stuck her Color Me Bad cassette in the bag we already had with us. HA!

12. The career paths I have wanted to be since I was little include: a McDonalds worker, a police woman, a vet, a pediatrician, a psychologist, a teacher, a therapist (LMSW-ACP)

13. I have been in the gifted program in school since the 1st grade. And when we moved to St. Louis my 3rd grade year, I was the only kid in the whole 3rd grade. Or course, in junior high and high school it was the honors program.

14. I used to think Catholics weren’t Christians! Misty straightened me out on that one on our trip to Dallas for Thanksgiving 2003. I think I was confused with the whole Protestant thingy. Catholics aren’t Protestant, right? I don’t know…all so confusing! I suppose they don’t teach us Christianity and about Protestants in the gifted programs at public schools! HA!

15. I used to not eat the ends of my French fries at lunch in high school. It was a WEIRD habit and I don’t even know why I did it. It was just always the joke at the lunch table. I would have a little corner on my tray full of fry ends…HA!

16. At my end of the season basketball banquet in high school my senior year my coach called me Rudy because he said I might have been the smallest one on the team, but I made EVERY practice and always gave 110% no matter how much bigger the other players were than me.

17. I don’t really drink soda/pop/cokes. I drink maybe one a month, usually only because a fast food joint won’t have lemonade or punch or tea or something like that…I can’t stand places like that.

18. I LOVE bananas! I could eat a million a day (maybe I’m half monkey)! But I don’t get them as often as I wished I did!

19. I used to collect pencil lead in elementary school. That’s right! Like when your pencil would break and you’d have that little-bitty piece that you would normally knock on the floor…I collected those. Kept them in a baby food jar in my desk. All my classmates knew I did it, even the teachers, so everyone would give me their broken lead…I would come in from recess and folks would have left pieces on my desk….HA!

20. I’m allergic to “Teen Spirit” deodorant. I hear a lot of folks are. HA!

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Jennifer said...

Ahh! I do the french fry thing, too! (But only at Chili's.)