Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A "Godmother"

Have you been hit with the “grown-up stick” yet?

I suppose I’ve probably been swatted on the wrist a few times over the past few years, but today I think it really hit me hard, right in the buttock!

No, it isn’t that the IRS caught me for stealing money (though I did get my W-2 forms today…WOO HOO), nor have I been kicked out of my uncle and aunt’s house and am having to find a new home immediately. Actually, it is basically that in its extreme opposite form.

Today my aunt called me to her office at work because she needed to talk to me about something serious she said. So here I am thinking…OH CRAP…did she find out I am going to have to do my field placement for school this summer so I can’t be a nanny? Or…did I do something at the house I wasn’t suppose to? So of course, my trek to her office included many things running through my head.

So I get in there and she closed the door and I was like, “Am I in trouble,” and she was like “Oh god no!” HA! Go me…you know I’m not a trouble kinda gal…HA! ;)

So she tells me to take a seat…so I do…and she is like, “Okay…God forbid I was to kick the bucket…”

[Isn’t this sounding interesting already….HA!]

“…well let me back up here. Your uncle and I are fixing up our wills and if I were to die, since Ashley [that’s her almost 18 year old daughter] isn’t 21 yet, she can’t take custody of the boys, so I was wondering if you would accept legal guardian ship at least till Ashley turns 21, God forbid if I were to die in the next few years. Basically you would be the boys’ godmother. Ashley is already of age (well as soon as she turns 18 in a couple weeks).”

So, I thought about it…you know, for like 30 seconds…HA! And said sure. HA!

Now I know at this point y’all are thinking…are you kidding me?!?! But let me explain a little more.

Apparently, from what Linda tells me, it would mean that assuming that her ex-husband isn’t knocked off as well…the boys would most likely go live with him and my responsibility would be to be over their money that went to the boys from her life insurance. They would have to go through me to get that money, as well as Ashley too apparently, at least till she is 21 I think she said.

And let’s face it. The boys are 11 and 13. As Linda said, it isn’t like they are in diapers. Plus, it is like we are only talking about 3 years here, because as soon as Ashley hits 21 I think it all goes over to her being the boys legal guardian if my aunt was to die.

So, let evaluate this a little deeper. Back to the “grown-up stick.”

You can’t say this isn’t a boost to the confidence level (yes, I know, at this point Cheryl is sighing). This is obviously my opinion, but I find it hard for you to argue, but doesn’t that say a lot about a person if you are willing to name them as the person you want to be in charge of your kids if you were to “kick it” as she said? I mean gosh, I still sometimes think about myself as a kid…HA! I’m 23 years old?!?! Are you kiddin’ me!?!? HA!

Yes, I might joke about things like this and say, “Right, Kimberly Smith as a mom?!?! HA!” But I was thinking about it today after I told her yes, and I honestly think I would do just fine raising those boys if I had too. You should see me with them right now as it is. HA!

Brandon practically LIVES in my room and Preston doesn’t miss a night of coming down to my room after he takes his nightly shower, wearing just his little boxer briefs, with water drops still all over his neck and back (I give him a hard time about never drying off completely…HA!) to give me a hug goodnight.

They are fun, good-looking, young boys. What can I say? They love me! HA! ;)

At one point I even go, “Well I thought _______ (one of my aunt’s best friends) was their godmother?” And she goes, “well she was Ashley’s, but now she is of age. But I really don’t want her raising my boys if I was to die.” Now that right there seems to say she thinks a lot of me. Honestly.

So, I don’t know what the official term of what I just accepted is called. My aunt claims it as I am their “godmother,” but I looked that up on and that is something dealing with sponsoring a person after baptism or something like that…HA!

So anyways…I suppose what I did today is accepted a big responsibility, but if you know me, you know how laid-back I am. I’m just like, no worries, it’s all cool! It really hasn’t phased me much.

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Holly said...

lol... that's cool. Now you need to go watch "Raising Helen." ;)