Saturday, January 08, 2005

Couldn't Pick Which Title to Use....

So I’ve spent the last could days brainstorming for this blog. And I’ve even spent some time trying to decide which title to go with for it. Well as you can see, I couldn’t pick which title to use. Here are the choices: “Guys I think are hot/cute” or “Guys I would make out with.” I personally like the second one more, but I fear folks would think I was rather strange for saying I’d make out with George W. HA! HA! I honestly don’t think I would make out with him, but he is one daw-gone cute old guy! He just has the cutest little smile and I love his little laugh too. HA!

Anyways…anyone who knows me knows I have a HUGE obsession with goatees! Oh my gosh do I love them! I honestly think they make ANY guy look better. You can’t go wrong with growing a goatee! What’s even funnier is how a lot of the times I don’t even realize a guy has a goatee at first, I will say just say, “Oh…he is HOT!” Then I’m like, oh my gosh…he has a goatee! It is like my brain automatically picks out goatee guys and associates “hot” with them without bring the fact that they have a goatee to a conscious level at first. HA!

Get this…when I look at the guys on the two lists below, I automatically associate the word “cute” with the guys on the withOUT goatee list and use the word “hot” in association with the guys on the with goatee list. I can’t help it….a goatee just makes a guy HOT! ;)

Soo…..on with the blog idea. I have been brainstorming for two lists of guys I am attracted to based on looks who both HAVE and do NOT have goatees. Even though I’m not one to fall in love with famous guys (except for guy #1 on the WITH goatee list…HA!) because I realize the unrealistic side of that, I limited these lists too only famous people so everyone would hopefully know the guys I’m referring too. And if you don’t, you can at least look them up on the internet! ;)

Guys WITH goatees:
1. Tim McGraw (I this he is SOOO hot! I would definitely make out with this man if given an opportunity! HA! And I’ve never really cared for cowboy hats, but oh my gosh! HA!)

2. Sean Connery (he is one HOT old man! Seriously…I would make out with him too! No joke! HA! I honestly think his accent helps his hotness too though, so that gives him an advantage! HA!)

3. Troy Gentry (ONLY hot with his goatee. I THINK he recently hasn’t had one, so not cute, but when he has it, like in the “Hell Yeah” video….VERY hot! Oh, and not much for him in his earlier days when he had longer hair. Not real attractive.)

4. Kurt Warner (he was the old quarterback for the St. Louis Rams football team—plays for the NY Giants now. Anyways…he is a little older…has grey in his goatee, but still VERY hot!)

5. Will Smith (I have always had an attraction to black guys…I think it is because they have more testosterone I believe which means they can grow facial hair a lot easier and they normally have pretty ripped bodies, especially arms…and I LOVE toned arms…WOO!)

Guys withOUT goatees:
1. George Bush (as I said earlier…he is just SOOO cute for an older guy!)

2. Joe Rogan (he is the host of Fear Factor. He has BUFF arms…HA! But he really is cute though, besides his arms!)

3. Matt Damon (it is his smile, ladies! He honestly has the CUTEST smile I’ve ever seen! He kinda has little boyish looks to him, but that smile will melt a woman…HA!)

4. John Travolta (once again, another great smile, but more importantly, that cute cleft chin! HA! And I know this shouldn’t apply in this blog, but I can’t help but mention he has one of the most caring and best personalities!)

5. Robert Downey Jr. (have you seen him on the front of the CD slip for his new CD he has out?!?! SOOO cute! And I have the CD….he has a SEXY singing voice…HA! GREAT for listening to to go to bed by…HA! I have it on right now!)

So…we’ll leave it at this for right now—five and five. But I’ll honestly admit, I have a TERRIBLE memory when I’m “put on the spot,” so when I’ve been making myself sit and think, “who do I think is hot that is famous” I have TOTAL brain freezes, so I’m sure there are more for both lists. So, feel free to comment with others you think are cute/hot and maybe if I agree I’ll add them!

[Oh...and I feel like I should go ahead and mention those famous guys that a lot of girls find to be hot that I don't care too much for, so you wonder if i just didn't think of them: Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Topher Grace, Leonardo DeCaprio, Keith Urban, Ben Afflack, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Dierks Bentley, Ashton Kutcher, Usher, Jude Law]


Holly said...

I definately agree with you on Will Smith, Tim McGraw, Sean Connery, Matt Damon, and John Travolta! I don't think I've seen Gentry or Warner. And -- how dare you not think my 4th cousin once removed is hot? ;) j/k! I also think these guys are hot: Pharrel (rapper), Paul Walker (Fast & the Furious), Chris Pointus (Jackass, Wild Boyz)... just to name a few! Nice post :)

Galvanize chaos said...

Dang...Brad Pitt would have been at the top of my list! have you seen "Meet Joe Black?" -wow what a stud :)
OOHHH...and Will Smith in "I Robot" is drop dead! and Sean Connery i love to watch his films, not because he is hot, which he is, but because he is an awesome actor! this blog was tonz of fun to read -thanks -Gc

FeedingYourMind said...

Okay....I just watched the American Idol Premiere tonight and I have to come and add a couple names to these lists. First, Mark McGrath is one HOTTIE! As for what list to put him under...i'm not real sure...he does both, the goatee and no goatee.

Another, well, he is borderline, but it is Simon Cowell. The more I think about it, the more I think that maybe it isn't that he is all that "hot", but that I love his accent and his arms (he works out) and the fact that he is honest. I respect honest people.

Finally, Johnny Depp. I go on again and off again with him. But I just saw "Finding Neverland" last week, and he is HOT in that movie, ESPECIALLY with his accent! YUMMY! So as of right now...ON! And he is like Mark, he too goes sometimes with the goatee and sometimes without. So who knows what list to put him under!