Sunday, January 16, 2005

Summary of the Houston Trip!

[A more detailed overview of the WONDERFUL weekend I had going to Houston for Gina Horvath’s wedding with my GATA girls, Anna Smith, Becca Osborn, Janaye Batiste, and Stacia Barton will be coming soon. Until then, these lists will have to suffice by giving you an idea of the BLAST we had! HA!]

Not so Great Things from the Weekend!:
--The fact that we had my Camry PACKED with 5 people and all their stuff for the weekend that it was now a low-rider Camry. So we had some fun “bottoming out” experiences! HA! But don’t worry, Camry’s may take a lickin’, but they keep on tickin’!

--When I got that speeding ticket in Centerville, right Misty and Jenni!?!?! [HA! What a fun prank!]

--When Janaye starting going through my picture files on my laptop when we were in the car. It ain’t like I have porn pictures on there or anything like that nature, but I do like to do some editing to folks pictures and send them to them as jokes and stuff, and well, she got into some pictures that I had to do a little explaining about. HA!

--The fact that we found Leland’s (Gina’s husband) tuxedo tie on the ground outside of the hotel after the reception! Wait, maybe that didn’t suck for them! Tee hee hee!

--When I woke up in the middle of the night dying of heat stroke because Stacia, Naye, and Anna are all cold-blooded and Becca and I are warm-blooded, so they had the heat on all night and it about suffocated Becca and me! HA!

--All the phone alarms and whatever else it was that kept going off during SaturdayNight/SundayMorning.
Stacia’s onion breath burps in the car!

--When we were singing the GATA fountain songs for GATAs 85th birthday on my video camera at the Sam Houston statue and I screwed up on the Flaming GATAs song and leaned over instead of starting to kick my feet at that one part! Looks like I’ve been away from GATA for too long! HA!

Great and Funny Things from the Weekend!:
--When I went outside my house to help Stacia and Janaye unload their luggage and I went to get their stuff out of their trunk only to open it and find Becca in the trunk! Yeah, she had told me she wasn’t going to get to come.

--When we were all singing Michael Jackson’s song “You are Not Alone” REALLY loud in my bedroom! Janaye can even do the noises PERFECT!

--When we would pass cars real slowly on the interstate and have the video camera video taping them to see what their reactions would be! Especially the time when the old hillbilly guy waved and smiled real big to reveal that he only had like two teeth! And we can’t forget the marriage that we saved by videoing that one family! HA!

--The time when we drove by the semi-truck and got him to honk his horn, so I started honking my horn too because I was thanking him for honking and then Janaye goes, “Wow! All the people behind him are honking too!!!” Yeah, she thought me honking was the other cars…HA!

--When we called Jenni and Misty’s cell phones and left singing telegrams to songs such as “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston and “Hey Ya” by Outkast during our drive to Houston.

--When we were all getting ready for the wedding in our hotel room and end up coming to find out that Janaye and I have like the EXACT same outfit to wear and then Stacia and Anna have similar outfits as well!

--When we were busting out our dance moves on the dance floor at the wedding reception. Especially at the time when Blake made Jenni go out and dance with him and you could tell she so didn’t want to go dance!

--When we did my pretend Pass the Candle on my video camera at the Sam Houston Statue stop! HA!

--When we called about 15 or 20 GATAs to sing “Happy 85th Birthday” to GATA to them during our car ride back to Dallas!

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Melody said...

Yes, thank you for that beautiful Happy Birthday GATA message on my phone. Yall were singing so loud, my boyfriend could hear it and he was like.."what the crap was that??" haha!