Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Zig Ziglar "Get Motivated" Seminar

Here is a really cool sounding seminar that Holly and myself are really serious about going too. It is a seminar with eight big-name speakers and the key-note speaker being Zig Ziglar. It is on March 8, which is a Tuesday, and it is from 8 AM till 4:30 PM. It is here in Dallas at the American Airline Center. We are going to sign-up through my office, because they have an office deal that you can send your office for a total price of $49 (not per person), instead of paying the $225 per person at the door price.

I read Zig Ziglar’s autobiography about two years ago and he is a good man, and I’m way pumped about some of the other speakers that will be with him: Rudy Giuliani, Jerry Lewis, Joe Montana, and others. Read the email below that Holly got. I got the flyer from our office about it at my house. If you wanna go with Holly and I let me know!


Get Motivated Seminars want to give YOU the best seats in thehouse on Tuesday, March 8, 2005, at The GET MOTIVATED Seminarwith Rudolph Giuliani and Zig Ziglar at the American AirlinesCenter! At age 78, Zig is not retired, but "refired!" Join Zigand the Dream Team of Expert Trainers for a day that you willnever forget. Inspiration, motivation, celebration and businesstraining combine to make this a powerful day that will changeyour life! Zig will be making only one stop in Dallas on his50-city USA Tour. Don't miss it!

We have lined up the hottest speakers and trainers in the worldfor a one-day, power packed, motivational business trainingextravaganza! What do YOU want? To make more money... Sharpenyour business skills... Sell more... Achieve your goals... Learncutting-edge marketing, communication, time management, and moneymanagement strategies? GREAT NEWS! You'll get all of that andmuch, much more at the GET MOTIVATED Seminar!

This show is so HOT it SIZZLES!

#1 Motivator Zig Ziglar will be joined by this dynamic team of experts:

- Mayor Rudy Giuliani will show you how to lead in difficult times!

- Success Strategist(R), Peter Lowe will show you how to accelerate your business and personal success!

- #1 Sales Trainer, Tom Hopkins, will demonstrate how to strengthen your sales and negotiation skills!

- Superbowl Superstar, Joe Montana will show you how to lead your team to victory!

- King of Comedy, Jerry Lewis, will teach you how humor at work is the secret success factor!

- Rick Belluzzo, legendary President and Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft, will give you his top business strategies!

- General Tommy Franks will enhance your leadership and decision-making skills!


Marybeth said...

How was the seminar? I'm going to a similar one tomorrow in Boston, but some of the speakers are different.

FeedingYourMind said...

Marybeth: I actually ended up not getting to go. When I finall got around to purchasing tickets they were all sold out for the day I could attend. The second day of the seminar I was already busy. But I really wish I could have gotten to looked like SUCH an interesting'll have to let me know how it goes for you! Thanks!