Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Feeling like a Battery

Do you ever feel like a battery? You know, trying to distinguish the positive (+) from the negative (-)? Looking for the signs.

I’ll tell you what, if it weren’t for the little plus and minus signs on the ends of the batteries I’d never be able to remember which end is the positive and which the negative.

Many times I will find myself in that same sort of scenario. Let me give you a little example….

I work now so I have a flow of income (unlike my normal state of being over my past years of growing up and even during my undergraduate years). So I find myself in this situation: making decisions at meal time. Many times I’ll be at work for lunch time and I’m thinking how easy it is to just go pick up some fast food, and since I have a form of income now, I can afford fast food, so many times I resort to it. So does this mean my source of income is a positive thing since now I can afford to get fast food whenever I want it for a meal? I mean if I can afford it, and it is a quick and easy way to fulfill the mealtime requirements of eating something, I would see buying fast food as a positive choice to fulfilling the meal time decision.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a “battery” scenario without the negative side. Soo….

Also, since having this steady form of money, I find that I eat a LOT of fast food and it is making me lazy when it comes to meal time. Not only this, but I’ve found myself totally burnt out on a lot of fast food. I get to meal time and think, what in the world sounds good. Nothing really…because all that is playing through my head is the following choices: burger, chicken, taco, fries, etc. Isn’t there more to meal time than those same choices over and over and over and over again?!!? And of course, with all this fast food comes weight gain (especially with that one added condition mentioned earlier…becoming lazy). So yes, when I look at older pictures of myself compared to my current state of being and see the each area my face seems to encompass in the photograph I find myself being reminded of the negative side to having the money to get fast food whenever I want too.

Soo…I don’t know if being in the position of being about to get fast food whenever I want it, especially due to ANOTHER factor I failed to mention…I have a car now… a positive or negative thing.

So I’m looking for the “sign.”

Whelp, I suppose this post was really inspired by my homework tonight. I’m currently weighing the positives and negatives of gay adoption. I must take a stance on this issue in a paper tonight and I currently find myself trying to distinguish the “positive” from the “negative” in both situations: allowing gays to adopt and not allowing gays to adopt.


Holly said...

Nice analogies! As for whether having money is a positive or a negative, it can be a bit of both. Yeah, eating fast food all the time can be a bad thing but, then again, I think of this pic I saw of a starving mom and child laying next to each other on the verge of death. Food is weird -- you're at risk of not eating enough or of eating way too much. Where's the balance? It's hard. It would be nice to live day to day without worrying about health issues (i.e. becoming overweight). Why do we worry about health anywho? Why can't we just live? Oh yeah, darn that Eve.

As for the adoption thing, that is a tricky one. One must think of what's best for the children -- how will having "two moms" impact the child? There are probably many gay couples out there that are capable of raising a child, yet I'm not sure gay adoption would work in the best interest of the child when society is one (at the moment) that discriminates against that population (the gay population) in nearly every realm. I suppose success would depend on a supportive environment -- but what are the odds?

Jennifer said...

I choose to believe that this blog entry was inspired by my Tuesday night/Wednesday away message, which read "recharging." Give credit where credit is due, Kimberly.

FeedingYourMind said...

Jennifer: Okay, I must admit, when I first read your comment I was slightly confused, but then I read it again and gave it some more thought and thought, "Wow...that's SOOO true!" that positive or negative?!?'s positive that you are getting sleep or something like that to give yourself more energy and get back up to par, but it is negative in the sense that you're HAVING to the sense that things have been rougher than normal and charging is needed.

Interestin....very interesting...

Of course if this has NOTHING to do with what you were talkin' about...just humor me, k? ;)