Wednesday, May 04, 2005

American Idol Irony

Hmmm….how ironic. This is for you American Idol watchers out there….

Did anyone else notice how the last two weeks the contestant who has been booted has been the two contestants who sang songs that said “Damn” in them? These have been the ONLY “bad words” used in songs sung all season, and they were both the same word and both left the contestant singing for their final time on stage….hmmmm….

It’s funny because both times the contestant sang their songs with the “choice lyrics” for the first time (on Tuesday night that would be)…I’d be watching them perform and BOOM…”Damn” would ring out to me…and I’d be like…”Wow…they just sand a song with a ‘bad word’ in it!” I mean it isn’t that we don’t hear this type language on television all the time unfortunately nowadays, but I guess it just comes down to how I watch American Idol each week and feel as though it is kind of a family, “G” rated type show that shouldn’t have “bad words” and to hear them be singing and BOOM…just throw it out it just catches me off guard.

So then there was this wishful thinking side of me that once each of these contestants were given their farewell sentences I was thinking…”See…FOX isn’t going to put up with you cussing on their family show,” but then I was quickly reminded that this couldn’t be the case when I would snap back to reality only to hear “Damn” again as the contestant was singing those last song of theirs once again as their farewell speech.

See…if FOX really wasn’t happy that they chose a song that cussed to sing it on the show, the smart think to do wouldn’t be to kick them off that week because that only lets them sing that song once again which means…there’s the “bad word” on the show again! ;)

Sooo…now I’m at the idea that maybe it’s America at work!!!! I like this idea even better! ;)

Maybe it really is a family show and America doesn’t want contestants that are going to subject their children to “bad words” to be the next idol of their children! ;)

I don’t know….it’s all just ironic to me! ;)

By the way…the songs were:

"How You Remind Me" sung by Constantine last week


"Everytime You Go Away" sung by Scott this week

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Lindsay said...

Very interesting, Kimbo. I didn't know that. I didn't really listen to the words that well. I have a little trouble getting complete quietness during AI. Sometimes I go in the other room and shut the door. But I still didn't notice the word thing. Very interesting. Thanks for noticing!