Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Statement and A Question

Okay...this is a little twist on the whole survey idea. I'm going to ask YOU for the answers. EVERYONE is invited to post their responses anonymously, even if you are a blogger with a screenname, still feel free to respond anonymously.

Anyways...I'll make a statement and then follow it with a question (most likely involving our friendship...so I'm assuming if you respond to this blog you know me...HA!)

A. I am not much of a hug initiator, though I love hugs. Do you remember me ever initiating a hug with you?

B. I am not real big on eating out at restaurants. Have I ever eaten out at a restaurant with you?

C. I am not always the best with telling my friends that I love them. Have I told you I love you?

D. I love to sing and dance. Have you ever seen me singing and dancing?

E. I have a high level of self-confidence. Do you think I come off as arrogant?

F. I love to laugh and have a good time, but I think I can be serious when needed. Have I ever been serious with you?

G. I love to write or email people personal notes, though I find lately I've slacked some. Have I written you a personal card or an email within the past month?

H. Though I love to instant message with my friends, many times, I don't initiate the conversation. If we chat online, which of us normally initiates the conversations, you or me?

I. I don't get upset/mad/frustrated with/at people that often. Have you ever seen me upset/mad/frustarted with/at someone?

J. I like to work on my friendships as well as know how I'm doing in them, so help me out with this and fill this out and answer this last question to help me get an idea of where I'm standing with my different types of friends. Would you consider us to be acquaintances, just friends, good friends, or close friends?


Jennifer Ellison said...

A. I can honestly say, I can't remember ever hugging you. But, I'm not a huge hugger either.

B. Yes, you have eaten at restaurants with me, but you are very selective. Wild Wings and WingStop are about the only two.

C. Uh, no. But, I don't say I love you either, and often it takes at least one person to initiate it.

D. I've heard you sing, but can't remember ever seeing you dance. That's what this weekend is about, baby!

E. Uh, no! Arrogance is not something I would say about you.

F. Yes, I've seen your serious side, but would much rather see your fun side!

G. We e-mail at least once a week...I'd say we are doing ok on that one.

H. I am RARELY on AIM.

I. Um, yes. Pretty sure you've been frustrated with me before.:)

J. I consider you to be a close friend and a good friend. I feel honored to be in your "circle of friends!"

FeedingYourMind said...

Ellison: Okay, since you didn't answer anonymously I can reply back to yours...

We actually did hug once...HA...and I'll never forget it...it was funny because, like you say, we aren't really huggers, especially initiators, so I remember specifically thinking...what the crap, Ellison is giving me a hug!

We were in the Gibson double gyms in Feburary of 2003 and you came up to me and said, "Hey man, you rock" or something to that effect and laid this huge bear-hug on me!

If you don't remember it very well...maybe you remember what happened afterwards....ALL the other officers besides yourself came running up and dumped ALL the confetti from our Sing Song show down my pants! HA! Awww...the memories!

If I remember correctly, when I was talking to you later about it, you said you were chosen to "hug" me because you were the only one that would be able to hold me down while the rest of them did the dirty work! ;)

Let's just say that "hug" was a classic! ;)

Sarah P said...

As a former roommate, I feel a duty to answer these questions:

A. No, probably not. I remember purposefully hugging you a lot because it bugged you:) I loved being the perky, hugging roommate that drove you nuts.

B. Um, hello, Sonic so counts.

C. 825 Alive love counts.

D. I have pictures. Afro. That's all that needs to be said.

E. Kim, arrogant? Surely not.

F. Whenever you made your TunaHelper it was a special time for you. I remember you having a few moments of silence with the fish.

G. YES! Sweet Kim, I haven't gotten to thank you yet not only for the sweet card, but the wedding present that you sent! My goodness, having you at the wedding was present enough!

H. I don't know who gets to talk to you ever. I just read your away messages.

I. AHAHAHA!! I do recall a certain someone named Amanda that you used to have a few confrontations with about a certain boy... AND you used to get really ticked off at the "knarps."

J. Because we spent 2 years of our lives living in the same small, stinky apt, and because we used to watch American Idol and Fear Factor (which my husband makes fun of me now for admitting that I actually wasted life watching those shows) together, and because we've been at each other's graduations, my wedding etc....I think we're good friends.

Love ya Goober! (consider yourself hugged...) :)

Lindsay said...

A. No, don't think so. Maybe a half-hug, arm around shoulder thing.
B. Yes. GATA Lunch and formal at Spano's to be specific. And Jack and Jill's midnight runs.
C. Nope. Don't think I've ever heard "I love you" quoted. But I know I'm a good friend!
D. Yes. Sing Song. You may call it choreography, but that's close enough for me. And your Michael Jackson impersonations.
E. Nope. Not arrogant. Confident, but not arrogant.
F. Yes, I think so. I can't remeber a specific time in person. But your emails on advice when I ask are serious.
G. Well, when I asked for a response to a question/advice on something.
H. I ususally do!
I. No, I don't think so.
J. Very Good friends