Monday, May 30, 2005

When was the last time you…

Drank a glass of milk? Man…sadly I think it has probably been about 2 weeks
Honked your car’s horn? I like never honk my horn, BUT I actually did for like the first time since having my car on May 12th (yes, I know the date because it was the day I had Laura following me)
Took a bath (note that is says “bath” and not shower)? Actually, I like NEVER do this, but for like the first time in probably 2 years I took a bath about 2 or 3 weeks ago…I just needed to relax
Wrote a paper for a class? Last week baby!
Laughed so hard you cried? I actually can’t remember the last time I did this….and it probably hasn’t been more than a week or two, but I just can’t recall the last time
Ordered a pizza for delivery? yesterday
Talked to someone you would consider a “best friend” on the phone? Yeppers…two in just the past few minutes!
Talked to someone you would consider a “best friend” on the internet? Yep!
Washed you car? I’ve been too busy too lately, I think I last cleaned it for my trip to Midland for Sarah’s wedding at the beginning of April, however I WAS about to go wash it on Friday after class, but then I realized it looked like it was about to rain, so I didn’t…good thing too because it rained all weekend
Cleaned out the inside of your car? Well I always keep the inside of my car cleaned out, however I haven’t given her a good vacuuming in quite a while, and I suppose she could use that, and a good wipe down on the interior…oh well, maybe soon
Talked to a non-family member that you have known since your elementary school days? A couple days ago on AIM
Ate any type of seafood? A week from today I think it was…I had a tuna sandwich…YUM!
Ate McDonalds? Gosh, it’s probably two weeks or so maybe, which is uncommon for me
Been to Wal-Mart? May 24th baby!
Wrote a personal email? I’m pretty sure I wrote one this weekend, but I can’t remember who it was too…HA!
Ate a bowl of cereal? It’s been a while….maybe a couple of months??? Not sure exactly
Wrote a check for more than $100? May 9th, to UTA for my Maymester class…some $700
Mowed grass? You know, I haven’t mowed grass since like the last summer I was home in STL, so like summer probably the beginning of summer 2003, and I LOVE mowing grass…I miss that!
Vacuumed a room? This has actually been a while too, since my aunt has had the cleaning ladies come a lot lately, so they have been vacuuming my room for me! HA!
Stayed in a hotel? That would be while in Midland, TX, for Sarah's wedding!
Called a radio station hotline for a contest they were doing? TODAY! Me and my buddy for work are determined to win the Super Bank contest on 96.3 KSCS!!! ;)
Cleaned out your email inbox? This weekend! I caught up on a LOT of things this weekend!!
Went to a professional sporting event? Uhhh…a Maverick’s game probably about a month ago, maybe 2 months, I can’t remember when it was…HA!
Kissed one of your parents? Oh gosh…YEARS….maybe junior high??? I don’t remember
Left the state you currently live in? May 14th…went to Oklahoma to the casino!!
Flew in an airplane? About this time last year…went to Cabo San Lucus (will be in a plane again going to Cabo in less than a month!)
Went to a wedding? Sarah and Brock’s on April 2nd
Played a board game? Oh gosh, it’s been a long time, I can’t even remember, and that’s sad because I LOVE board games; society doesn’t play board games enough anymore! =(
Rode a motorcycle? About 3 or 4 months ago….a guy at work took me around the block on his
Rode a bicycle? Once again…been a while, I can’t even tell you (guess I wore myself out on that sucker before my car!) ;)
Watched the news on television? yesterday
Ate ice cream? Cinco de Mayo at El Chico! I’m not a big ice cream eater
Brought a cd? During my class on Friday…HA! I was bored during class so surfed the net and bought Martina McBride’s cd with God’s Will, In My Daughter’s Eyes, and other songs on it
Took a picture with a camera? ACU graduation weekend (May 7th)
Rode in the passenger seat of a vehicle? Hmm…maybe this past week one day with my buddy Dawn, but I don’t remember when…HA!
Read a book from cover-to-cover? Oh gosh….heck if I know…maybe it was that Zig Ziglar book I read at the end of my summer 2003 break
Fell asleep with the lights still on? Well today while taking a nap on my bed with our little puppy…HA! But before that, probably not since my ACU days when I’d stay up late studying on my bed…you know, doin’ that little “I’m just going to lay my head down for a second to rest my eyes, then keep reading”…..ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz….
Spent the night with a friend? I suppose when I stayed the night at Becca/Cheryl/Leah/Liz’s on the night of May 7th.
Painted something? Oh dang…I can’t remember, it was probably that last ACU service Sat. I did my senior year….like in April 2004 sometime! HA!
Did a load of laundry? I think it was last Monday or Tuesday
Paid a bill? That would have been that UTA maymester bill again
Got a paycheck? Last Thursday was payday at work! WOO HOO!
Drank a soda/coke/pop? Oh heck, I’m not sure….maybe a month or so…I only drink soda when the fast food joint doesn’t have any non-soda drinks and I get a combo meal that comes with a drink (I’m not just going to get water with that if I’m paying for it).
Cooked something in an oven? Today…pizza for lunch


Anonymous said...

you stayed in a hotel for another fabulous road trip for a wedding... April in Midland with all of us crammed in that room. How could you forget that?


FeedingYourMind said...

Katey: You are SOOO right....i had totally forgot about that time (but don't worry, Sarah, I hadn't forgotten about your wedding, as you see it was mentioned other times on the survey!) ;)

I think I probably forgot about the hotel part there because we were like NEVER there! That was one ACTION-PACKED 24 hours! HA!

Thanks for the reminder, Katey! I've already gone and edited it! ;)