Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday's Picture!

[Give this picture it's best caption! Either come up with a unique/fun caption for this picture or tell what you think is going on in the picture! Tomorrow I'll pick the best response! LEAVE A COMMENT (anyone can leave a comment, you don't have to have a blog)! I don't care if you're someone I don't know, someone I do know, or someone I'm not suppose to know that reads my blog all the time (secretly of course...HA!) Have fun!] Posted by Hello


Lindsay said...

Bush: "I can't believe Laura put that 'Kick me cause I have a cute butt' sign on my back again! I told her that doesn't go over as well in Europe!"

Holly said...

Bush: "Gosh, I can't tell if I'm gettin' bigger by the minute or if he's gettin' smaller by minute."

FeedingYourMind said...

HA! Whelp...let's just say the captions were limited this week due to school being out for many people and internet time being restricted for many because of it.

Anyhow, I still had two faithful commenters! Thanks Lindsay and Holly!

As for my caption it would be...
Bush: "Psst...psst...hey, did you smell that?!?"

(Tee hee hee!!)

Anyways...this week is going to go to Lindsay, especially since she was the only comment posted for most of the day (not that that has anything to do with it...HA!)

Gotta love the thought of the President having a "Kick-Me" sign on him! HA!

Thanks two both of y'all for your captions! Until next week...