Monday, May 09, 2005

Making the “Perfect” Person

I was thinking the other day about this topic for a blog and I thought on it the entire trip back from Abilene on Sunday.

Okay, let’s face it, no one’s perfect! Nor does anyone have any talent or characteristic that is completely perfect, but I was thinking, how cool would it be if I have some of the talents or characteristics from some of my friends and put them all together to make a more perfect me! ;)

Here is a list of some talents or characteristics from some of my friends that I would love to have!

Note: in no way is this list exhaustive, nor are the talents/characteristics mentioned for each person their “best” or most important/popular characteristic. I just picked some that stand out about them to me, or that I wanted that characteristic and they seemed to be the person I thought of first that possessed it! Some are kind of silly, but others aren’t!

Becca O. – her dedication to her faith. Becca is obviously no perfect Christian, as that doesn’t exist, but she always amazes me with her dedication to attending church. Not only that, but she holds her faith-based values high in her daily living. Something else is how she is so dedicated, yet not what I would consider to be a “holy-roller.” Those people that are constantly trying to push their religion on others…not so cool in my opinion.

Brandi W. – her ability to drive with her knees! Funny, but I TOTALLY wanted this talent when writing down ideas for this blog in the car while driving! I am a good driver but SUCK at driving with my knees (in comparison to many of my friends I’ve seen drive with their knees). Brandi is seriously GREAT at driving with her knees…one time we made her take big turns like that…HA!

Cheryl L. – her big heart. Cheryl is one of those friends that deep down you know you can always count on her. She will be the one that will give you a ride somewhere when you need it. She will always be there to listen when you need to talk. The one that will go out of her way to do what you ask of her. It’s unfortunate, but she is one of those friends that you don’t realize how much she means to you until you aren’t around her as much. It’s then that when you reunite with her that you are like, “Gosh, I really love being around her!”

Chucky T – his altruism. This man always put others before himself. He was such a humble servant. Of course I think his desire to be altruistic and humble came from his wisdom which I would also love to possess.

Ellison – her sense of style. She almost always dresses so cute, yet she always looks very comfortable. She doesn’t have to be doing the uncomfortable high-heels with the jeans thingy, yet she looks at cute as those uncomfortable folks look!

Holly H. – her dedication to her studies. If I was as dedicated to my studies as she was I would do better on tests and care more about always striving for only A’s and not settling for B’s

Jackie Beth S. – her arms! HA! Seriously, JB has some of the most toned and strong arms for a girl, yet they are not overly ripped! She is in such good shape from dance! I always have had a thing for arms…I like guys with buff arms and I always want to have toned arms myself (though I DEFINITELY lack in comparison to my buddy, JB).

Janaye B. – her ability to be white. HA! Well, I suppose that AND her non-judgmental personality. She doesn’t seem to judge people, especially in making friends.

JWalk – her talent of singing. I love to sing, but I’m not all that great at it.

Kripner – her cuteness! Kripie is just plain cute (and she doesn’t even have to try in my opinion). She always looks cute whether dressed up or just in a shirt and Capri’s. But I think the think that makes her so cute is her smile. I LOVE Kripner’s smile!

Laura S. – her work ethic. Laura is a hard worker. Yes, there is the whole “job” realm of it…she is always going to work when she is supposed too…not asking off if she is scheduled. And she works doubles (AKA like 12 hour shifts) often. And yes, her job is waitressing, which is no easy-task from my observations. But besides all these, Laura will bust her butt when she has a project she is in charge of. I mean she might procrastinate on it, but when the deadline comes creeping up you can guarantee Laura will dedicate herself to that project.

Misty W. – her no-fear-touchy-feely-ness. She is quite possibly the most touchy-feely person I know, but not only is she very touchy-feely, she will initiate hugs with anyone no matter whether they are touchy-feely at all or not—she has no fear! I love this trait about her. And it’s not just hugs; she will cuddle with anyone…she don’t care if you are that type or not…HA! (and I don’t mean that in a perverted way either.)


Doty said...

It sounds like you have some good friends.

I think that shows just how important friends are. You may not have all of those characteristics that you like about them, but when your with your friends all of those characteristics bounce off each other. Having good friends is an essential to becoming a better person. It helps you seeing others better characteristics and have them rub off on you.


FeedingYourMind said...

Doty: You're VERY right! I have some of the best friends a girl can ask for! And makes me feel as if I'm better when I'm with them!

Blessings on you and my friends!

Jennifer said...

So...should I feel good about the fact that you wish I had my voice, or bad about the fact that it's apparently the best thing about me?

And from you, I would take athletic ability. :)

Jackie Beth said...

We can get those arms toned... I'll show you a few exercises and we'll get you going. Remember the cool purple weight ball??? You're the best.