Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Do me a favor…

How about you do me a small favor and go click on the “View my Guestmap” icon on my sidebar and go place you a pushpin where you are currently reading my blog from! I’m totally interested in seeing where all my readers are coming from!

This is a cool way to check out where your reading audience is coming from and I got the idea from Steve’s blog.

Sooo…..go give me a shout-out on my guestmap by leaving me a note with a cute little character in your position on my world map! You KNOW you want to! ;)

P.S….do me another favor…WATCH OPRAH TODAY (or tape it)!

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FeedingYourMind said...

First things first...

After making myself a whole bag of popcorn (as well as eating the whole bag of popcorn) I enjoyed watching my recorded copy of Oprah's show tonight! And while it once again was an AMAZING show, I do want to second my thoughts on her preaching like she is running for some political office. I'm not kidding, it was like it hit me like a brick wall again this episode...all of a sudden I had this image of her preaching into a microphone while at a podium and all these people in the crowd cheering her every word on while they proudly raised their "Oprah for President" signs!

Whoa...that was weird...

Second, can I just note how I am LOVEING how Abilene is starting to take over the entire state of Texas on my Guestmap!?!? HA! HA! It was like Ellison marked her ground and then the others were too scared to get close! HA! Not only that, but I like how now St. Louis extents a little further on down the Mississippi, into about Cape Girardeau...HA!

I'm just messing with you folks! However, I will say this, for those still to post, feel free to utlize the "zoom" button BEFORE going to place your pin...it gets you a little better view of WHERE you might want to place yourself! ;)

Finally, can I just give a shout-out to Erin and Logan from Canada! Thanks for reading! I LOVE the knowledge of knowing people OTHER than my near and dear are reading my blogs, especially to the point that they would note me as one of their "blogs I read" on their blog! Honestly, that rocks my world! Blessings to Canada from Texas!